Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two Things Tuesday (7/29)

1.  So, she's one month old today :)
(One of her great-grandmothers made the blanket--isn't it pretty?!)
I couldn't get her to wake up for anything. Haha, I guess that's what I get for nursing her first ;)
I wanted to put her in a cloth diaper like I did with Jack's pictures, but she's too tiny and she STILL hasn't lost her umbilical cord stub thing. Good grief!

2.  I went to the library and got my library card!  I even checked out two actual hold-in-my-hand-turn-the-pages books :)
I started reading the first one, and although I know they both (the second is the sequel) were in the "juvenile" section, the content and language (innuendo) in the first book is not something I would recommend for anyone under 17. But, the storyline is great so far! You can read the entire first chapter here, I believe. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Sunday Evening

I actually fixed a meal tonight, and the three of us sat down as a family and ate. This was new because The Husband usually isn't home during dinner. And, it's different because I haven't felt up to doing anything other than make a sandwich. 
Jack had some frozen peas, peaches, frozen blueberries, and some of the mac and cheese I fixed. I opted out of giving him the asparagus this time around. :)
He LOVED the mac and cheese. He shoved whole handfuls into his mouth. He was pretty gross by the end of the meal haha ;)

Since The Husband was home this evening, I was able to take a shower before 10 o'clock for a change. Here are two of my loves snuggling. 

When I got out, she was wide awake and ready to eat :). She's so very sweet. And noisy. But mostly sweet!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Things Tuesday (7/22)

1.  Yes, I did have a bowl of ice cream (thanks Dad, for placing it in my freezer!) as a mid-morning, post-nursing snack while reading about breast feeding. 

2.  And, yes this little girl (who is also post-nursing in this picture) is pretty darn adorable in this teeny tiny outfit her grandparents gave her. I had to dress her up for her 3-week appointment, right?!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

3 weeks

Three weeks ago today, I was wheeled into the operating room, and Ella Hope made her entrance into our lives.  Seven days after that, we got to bring her home.
She's such a doll. 
Yes, you sure are! 
(Onesie courtesy of Aunt Kelli)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five Facts Friday (7/18)

**updated with link below--3:45pm**

***updated with pictures of the kids :)--5:00pm***

1.  I had forgotten just how NOISY a sleeping newborn is. 
It's crazy listening to the amount and types of noises that come out of that little body as she rests (especially when I'm trying to sleep at night, too!). When she's awake? Not a peep, haha!

2.  The rain today! I don't know how much we've had so far, but it's rained all night and all morning steadily (and sometimes downright hard). Lots of lightning and thunder have joined the rain, which makes for a pretty drowsy day. A lot of roads are flooded/closed, and many people tried to drive through the water only to find that they couldn't. I'm very thankful The Husband had to leave as early as he did for work this morning, or he might have gotten stranded, too. 

3.  Our garage is on a slab (the house is on piers), and unfortunately it's allowed a lot of water to pool in there. And, we still have several boxes out there that haven't been unpacked, so I'm worried the things in them will be ruined. I tried but couldn't move most of them. I guess it'll be a lot like spring cleaning when I finally go through them and end up tossing a bunch of stuff out. I'm mostly sad about the books I feel might be lost. 
The water had receded some for now. 

4.  I've tried to take it easy the last few days, and it's really helped that both kiddos are on a pretty good schedule. I haven't been able to nap but once or twice, and the lack of consistent sleep at night is challenging, but it's not unbearable. I do hope to be able to rest some each morning while they're both napping, but things keep popping up. Like floods, haha. 

5.  Life with two under two is busy and exhausting (mostly because I'm still healing and everything tires me out and I'm on my own except for an hour or so when The Husband isn't at work or school), but it's not horrible! I attribute that to having a pretty consistent routine with Jack and him knowing what comes next (wake, eat, play, sleep, repeat). I have two big chunks of time where he's napping and two smaller chunks of time where he's in independent playtime in the playpen in his room. I can rest, take care of Ella, do chores, contemplate unpacking the stacks and stacks of boxes still filling my living room and garage (not to mention upstairs...ugh) all while knowing he's sleeping or playing without me needing to be with him every second. 
Ella naps most of the day when she's not nursing. She's still every bit of the sleepy newborn. I expect that to last at least another week or two since she was premature, but I've already started getting her on a simple schedule, as well. It's not rigid, but it's there. Eat, wake (Hahahaha), sleep. All day. It's usually a three hour loop, but if she wakes early and is acting hungry, I feed her. If she goes a bit longer at night? Awesome :). 

Anywho, it works for us, and I'm thankful I have the opportunity (when they're napping or he's playing) to read through the first Babywise book as a refresher. I no longer hyper-schedule (the book warns against that!), and I truly don't watch the clock unless it's to see how long either of them have been asleep or to guage whether or not Jack is acting grumpy because he's tired. 
**Oh, cute side note!  Usually when Jack has played himself silly and is acting slightly disobedient or more clumsy, I'll ask if he's ready to rest. He has now started going over to his crib and patting it!  He enjoys resting and knows he needs to in order to be a happy boy! Love him!**
But, really Babywise encourages having a routine because children thrive on consistency. Yes, we have off days, but he usually falls back into step after a good night's sleep. He also does sooo much better and is much happier when he's had time by himself to play. 

Too much time with me, even if I'm simply sitting with him while he plays, seems to overstimulate him and he starts to act out. 

(Edit--ok this was posted today, and I could believe how appropriate it was to what I had just written!  Check it out when you have time.)

Ok, off to fix lunch for myself and for the boy who should be waking soon. 
Y'all stay dry!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two Things Tuesday (7/15)

1.  Last night, following my doctor's instructions, I removed the bandages/tape from my c-section incision. 
Holy crap. 
I was taking a nice warm/hot shower, I bathed and shaved, and then I made sure the tape was good and wet. I began removing it strip by strip. 
After I had removed half of them, I noticed that they were getting harder to remove and that it was pretty painful. 
I had one or two left when I began feeling lightheaded. 
I toughed it out and ripped off the last one. I tried to look at the incision. BIG mistake. Waves of nausea hit me, and I began to black out. 
I got out of the shower and sat down, taking deep breaths. 
I managed to stand up just long enough to make it to my bed before dizziness took me. I fell asleep and woke an hour later feeling a little better. But, I honestly can't look at it or touch it without feeling a little queasy. 
I know I should appreciate, if not love, this incision, this soon-to-be scar, because it's a reminder of my daughter's precious life, but I don't. At least not yet. Right now, it's just ugly and a little tender on the outside (a lot tender on the inside), and I just hate that her birth came about in such a traumatic fashion. Nonetheless, it's there. And, I'll have it for the rest of my life. 
Yes, I took a picture. It's not pretty, but I'm hoping I can look back on this in the future and see a big difference. 

2.  We are slowly, slowly getting things put away at our house. My friend Angela came over and offered her services for a while today. She's been sooo helpful! Her box cutter has come in handy, too ;)
Anywho, maybe I'll post a picture or two tomorrow of the rooms coming together. 
I'll leave you with a shot of Ella, so you aren't still thinking of the picture above ;)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Appointments and Playtime

Today, Ella had her 2-week checkup. She's gained 7 ounces since she was released from the hospital! She's also grown almost half an inch. 
I took this one before we left. 

While The Bestie took Ella and me to the appointment (Thank you!), my sister and my niece watched Jack. He loves his new room and the freedom he has in there, and he kept them on their toes as he explored! Thank you, Ladies, for loving on my boy :)

While Jack and I were eating dinner tonight, I put Ella in the swing.  At one point, while Jack was crying and making a ruckus because he was cranky, I looked over and saw this. 
My sister reminded me that I did that, too, when I was a baby.  She did that for a good 30 minutes and continued even after I picked her up. 

Busy day. 

Tired, but happy momma. 

Fingers crossed as I remove the bandages on my incision tonight in the shower. Hoping the warm, soapy water does the trick!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five Facts Friday (7/11)

1.  I wrote this whole post and forgot to hit "save."  So, now I'm trying to remember what I wrote. Ugh.

2.  How is it Friday already?! This week has flown by since Ella and I left the hospital on Sunday.  She has been such a sweet addition.  Mostly her schedule is sleep, nurse, repeat.  However, the last few days she's been opening her eyes more and taking in what she can see of her surroundings, so she and I have enjoyed having a little "wake time". But, this is what I have the pleasure of seeing most of the time. The sleepy newborn stage is so pleasant ;)

3.  Jack. Oh, Jack. 
He's really having a hard time getting back into a routine.  He really enjoyed the freedom and attention he had while I was gone, and he's not giving that up without a fight. We'll get there though. I'm thinking as soon as we've gotten his new room mostly ready, he can come have independent playtime in his room to start getting used to being in there. He and I did start having some learning time together yesterday, and he did so well. I'm currently investigating other fun, educational toddler ideas, so if you have any (that are free or cheap!), send 'em my way!

4.  My Uncle Larry and Aunt Jan sent Jack and Ella the cutest, softest stuffed animals!  Jack's is a puppy, and he was giving it hugs and dragging it around with him yesterday. He also enjoyed unpacking and repacking the tissue paper in the box they came in :)

(That one is Ella's cow.)

5.  I recently read two blog posts on raising Irish twins. This one and this one. Since my kiddos are almost Irish twins (18 days shy, darn!!), I found such reassurance in reading what those gals had to say. I'm thankful people share their experiences online like that. And, I can truly say that so far, I am very much loving being the mommy of my two little ones :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Two Things Tuesday (7/8)

1.  The Husband took Jack to the doctor this morning. He wasn't running fever when he woke up, but he was still feeling yucky last night. The doctor said everything looked good, but he did have a little fluid in his ears, so we'll keep an eye on that. He had his one-year checkup, too. All looks good :)

2.  Ella had her checkup, as well, and my dad and I took her (since I can't drive for another 5 weeks at least). Here she is before we left. I officially love dressing her! :).  Girl clothes are so much fun!
Everything was great with her, too, and she's gained an ounce since Sunday (up to 4 lbs 14 oz). I'm hoping she'll be back to birth weight by her two week checkup.
Here's a little comparison. My thumb and her foot. I <3 her feet. 
 The doctor wants to do a pelvic ultrasound on her in 6 weeks to make sure her pelvis/hips continue to look good since breech baby girls tend to have pelvic problems. 
Worn out after our busy morning :)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Swaddles, Sickness, and C-Sections

This little girl, at only 8 days old, has figured out how to break out of the snuggest swaddle.

She usually gets one out right off the bat before falling asleep, and then as she's moving in her sleep, she manages to get the other one out. 

So, I broke out the Woombie. 
Y'all this is the neatest thing. She's swaddled and cozy, but there's no way for her to break out of it! This one is made for babies weighing 5-13lbs, and she's a little under 5lbs right now, but it worked wonders last night and during naps.  Love it!  We ordered two more, haha. 

This little boy is still feelin crummy (although he stays pretty content as long as someone's with him), but he was MUCH more interested in his baby sister today. He constantly went over to the cradle to see her or try to touch her. 

I went for my follow-up appointment today. I've lost 13 or 14 pounds so far. He said my c-section incision looks good and that the bandages can come off next week. He wants to do a ct scan in the coming weeks to make sure I have two kidneys since people with my uterine abnormality often only have one working kidney. 
Ella came along for the visit and stayed sound asleep the whole time in my dad's company.