Friday, February 17, 2017

This is 34

Yesterday was my birthday.
I woke up expecting a card and maybe a gift. 
What I got was SO much better. 
I did get a card (with a wonderfully-thoughtful handwritten note of appreciation and love from The Husband--there may have been a few tears when I read it later), and he gave me a French vanilla frappucino and some pastries he'd picked up on the way home from work. 
But what he told me as he gave me those things was pretty darn amazing:  while I took Oliver to the doctor, he and the children would be cleaning the house. And they did. He continued cleaning well into the afternoon while the kids and I played outside. We ordered take-out from Cheddars and had a quiet dinner together as a family at home. 
The reason he chose to clean on my birthday was so that today, when he took Jack and Ella on errands and fun adventures, he didn't want me to have to clean. He wanted me to do whatever I wanted. So I did! While Oliver slept, I took a shower this morning. Then, I ate spinach dip and chips for lunch and didn't have to fix lunch for ANYONE else! I folded a basket of laundry because I wanted to. I snuggled the baby and we enjoyed the cool breeze outside. Then, when the three of them came back from adventuring (park, mall, lunch), he read them stories and got them down for naps. And, I went to get a pedicure. A heavenly pedicure gifted to me by my momma before the baby was born. The Husband knew my heart and heard my love language loud and clear this year. These two days have been the BEST gift he's ever given me, and he has truly served with a servant's heart: out of love. ❤
Now, as I sit here on my couch in my very quiet house (it's almost eerily quiet...) while he and the kids visit a bookstore and the baby sleeps again (he fought sleep HARD while I got my toes done 😔), I'm writing this post. No interruptions. No needs to be met. Noses (or bottoms) to be wiped. Laundry to be washed (because I think our washing machine is broken 😳). No dishes to be loaded (they're clean). Just rest and thoughts being typed out. And then, when I hit "publish," I'll pull out my Bible study that's been so neglected this last week, and I will read and study and reflect until they come home. 
Something I've reflected on a lot the last two days has been how I see myself. I rarely take pictures of myself, and when I do, I take 20 to find that one that looks "decent."  But I'm always taking pictures of the kids and The Husband. Why is that? Is that a common "mom" thing? I don't want my kids looking back at this blog when they're older and wondering where I was. 
So, new year new me.  I'll be here, flaws and all. This is the year of the selfie for me. 
And, for better or worse, I will document me just as much as I document those I love. Because I matter, too. 
This is 34. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oliver Flynn - 2 Months Old

This cutie pie turned two months old a few days ago, but I wanted to wait until his check-up today to post this.
His pediatrician thinks that there might still be a slight hernia, but now he thinks there's also a hydrocele there, as well. We're going to be scheduling an appointment with a pediatric surgeon to look things over and decide whether surgery is necessary. 
Everything else looks good. All the folks checking him over today remarked on how alert and calm he was. His eyes are still very blue (yay!), and he has a sweetness about him that is so endearing.  The appointment was VERY long, but I got some great shots of us :)
We 💙 this boy so very much. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Happy Valentine's Day ❤😘💖
from Jack 💚
and Ella ❤️
and Oliver 💙
You are loved. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Books, Books Everywhere

Those of you who have known me for any length of time know that I have a deep love of children's books. It is very difficult for me to pass up a children's book that is lovely or is well-written.
Our home is filled with old and new books for little ones, and we even have boxes of them upstairs and in the garage.
We have several that we read over and over, and Jack knows many by heart. 
I found this out recently when I was reading a book to them before bed one night, and in my slightly sleep-deprived state, I left off a word. One word. And Jack said, "Mommy, you forgot to say..." I can't tell you the word because I'm slightly sleep-deprived right now, but he knew it, and he was right.
Besides knowing Jesus and living in a way that pleases Him (we LOVE that storybook Bible 👆👆👆), my greatest desire for my children is to love books as much, if not more, than I do. And so far they do. They love to be read to, and they both enjoy looking at books on their own. They take great delight in acting out stories (especially any that involve a big, bad wolf), and they love for me to make up stories and close their eyes while picturing them in their minds. 

I have a few favorites that I wanted to recommend.  I'm not being compensated or anything like that for these recommendations. I just love these books and wants others to get enjoyment from them, as well. 
Albert and Little Henry is perfect for your older kiddos when you're getting ready to bring home a new baby. 
Harold and the Purple Crayon is a classic and is wonderful for discussing and encouraging imaginative play. 
The Usborne Illustrated Alphabet is BEAUTIFUL and has great vocabulary woven throughout. 
If you have children's books you'd like to recommend for my kiddos, do it!! I'm all for having to find a new bin or two for storage :)