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The news

Hello there, dear ones.
It's me again.
I know.  I know.  You probably thought I wouldn't write again until after the wedding.  You know, the wedding that's taking place in nine days.  9 days, readers!
Haha, actually, I wasn't planning on it, but I love the layout of my blog so much that I just felt compelled to blog again. :D

So.....what to blog about??
I guess I could tell you what I will be teaching in the fall and how all of that came about.

Ok, here goes.

Now, keep in mind, my dream and my goal for me and for this blog is to daily be completely authentic and real. It's been so liberating to be completely honest on here with how I feel and how I struggle.

Life, lately, has thrown some curve balls that I didn't or maybe just refused to see coming.  Occasionally, I like to live in a fairy land where all my dreams come true, Nutella is totally healthy in huge portions, summer-time lasts far longer than three months, and wedding dresses purchased a YEAR in a…


We're fifteen days out. In fifteen days time, I'll be waking up to begin preparations for the wedding that will be taking place that evening. I'm sure the fiance will still be asleep that morning. I don't think it will take him quite as long to get ready for our big day. ;)
Getting ready for a wedding (and to be perfectly honest, I haven't had to do a whole lot--thanks so much, Mom and Fiance's Mom!) has been challenging. I've been stressed out and frustrated a lot of the time. I've been a worrier and a nagger and an altogether unpleasant person at times.
The fiance and I have had arguments that seemed completely reasonable (to at least one of us), which turned out completely ridiculous. We've fought, and hoped, and dreamed, and planned, and counted down the days to when we won't just be planning a wedding anymore. We'll be taking part in one. But much of that anxiety has left me as of late.
Can I just say how at ease I am? I'…