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Authenticity. Do your itching ears want it?

Well, I've been gone from the blogging sphere for quite a while now. I feel like I've lost touch with this realm and, ultimately, with what I was so striving for--to use this format as a means of expressing what I've searched for and learned through reading, thinking, researching, talking, and then writing it all down...all to the glory of God. This is also my place to put into words all of those little, and not so little, thoughts that go running through my mind.
Today was the last day of school. I cried. Twice. I've LOVED this group of kids, and I get very emotional when I'm reminded that I won't get to see their sweet faces every day. Our class was the perfect size and the perfect mixture of personalities and birth-orders. I'm SO thankful for that group. I'll get to see them at the skating party tomorrow, and I'm extra thankful for that opportunity.
It's 57 days until our wedding. Time has gone by so quickly, but I knew that it would…