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Daily Walk

I've been reading the musings of bloggers like MckMama, Angie, and Kelly for literally years now. I feel like I know those ladies in real life. In fact, I talk about them as if we're friends. I've cried when I've read about the difficult things in their lives, I've prayed for their children when they were severely ill, and I've praised God with them when He has generously bestowed blessing after blessing upon their families. They are excellent writers, and their writing pulls readers into their lives in an intimate way. They are genuine (or seem to be) with their feelings and thoughts, and I find that refreshing.
That being said, I've never felt the urge or the calling to blog. I'm no writer; I'd rather read about the lives and thoughts and feelings of others than write about my own. Living in this texting/blogging/tweeting/facebooking world, I'm already self-centered enough; why would I want to draw more attention to myself?! The constan…