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A Heart for Jesus

My prayer every day, every night as I lay my children in bed, is that they will have a heart for God and for people. 
 We thank God for the food that's been prepared for us each meal, and before we go to bed each night, we thank God for the day we've been given, and one of the first words Jack attempted was "amen."  It made my heart glad. 
Last week during our meals together, Jack started "requesting" to pray. He would grab my hand (and The Husband's if he wasn't at work) and squeeze his eyes tight, and when I asked him if he wanted to pray and tell God we were thankful for the day and the food before us, he would nod vigorously. And, so we would pray. Again. :) Ella watches, and it makes me thankful that she is witnessing that simple act of gratitude. 
I captured this shot this morning, mid-breakfast, his second request to pray. 

I hope he always takes moments out of his day to give thanks for what he's been given, and I hope he develops a beautifu…

4 Years Ago

5 1/2 years ago today, this guy asked me to be his girlfriend. 
4 years ago today, I married him. 

Through better or worse, we've stuck it out, persevered, fought and made up. He still makes me laugh, and he still makes my heart flutter when he takes my hand and holds me close. 
We lost a baby and are raising two more. 

We bought a house last year that sometimes feels like the biggest money-pit, but it's OUR money-pit, and we're trying our best to make it work for us. 
We wait anxiously each day for the perfect job to open up. 
We love and laugh and live with the little family God has given us. 

Happy anniversary, The Husband. I'm glad you're mine.

Room Assignments

Monday afternoon, The Husband decided that it was time to move a bed back downstairs. I say "a" bed because it's not the one we were sleeping in (the very squeaky, uncomfortable one) before The Husband moved upstairs and I moved to the couch and the children each got their own rooms.  I had high hopes that we'd be able to afford to put in AC upstairs so that either he and I could have our bedroom up there or the kids could share it since it's the biggest room. But that never came to fruition, so we've all been sleeping apart for the last 4 months. 

A few weeks ago, we decided that the kids will just share one of the small bedrooms downstairs until we can do something different. And then this girl right here had two or three smack-me-crazy-horrible nights of teething madness in a row. And, I began to rethink life itself. 
So anyway. 
Monday afternoon, I said that we could just try to share a room with Ella again for the time being or at least until we can buy her …

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Yesterday and today have not been my finest moments as a mom. 
I have raised my voice far too much. 
I have spanked more in two days than I have in the last few months (to be fair, it could also be that my 2-year-old is really practicing that fun skill of "testing the limits"). 
I have been impatient. 
I have been unforgiving. 
I started to believe the lie that Satan keeps whispering in my ear...."You're a sucky sucky sucky mom."

Then, I looked at these little people tonight while they took their bath and remembered some other things. 
I have given countless hugs and kisses. 

I have snuggled and tickled. 
I have read book after book after book (after book). 
I have chased and been chased. 
I have built and knocked down buildings and raced cars. 
I have sung songs and colored pictures, and I have fixed and fed meals. 
I've been an okay mom, too. 
My children are so quick to forgive. 
They see my frustration (Jack signs …