Two Things Tuesday (7/8)

1.  The Husband took Jack to the doctor this morning. He wasn't running fever when he woke up, but he was still feeling yucky last night. The doctor said everything looked good, but he did have a little fluid in his ears, so we'll keep an eye on that. He had his one-year checkup, too. All looks good :)

2.  Ella had her checkup, as well, and my dad and I took her (since I can't drive for another 5 weeks at least). Here she is before we left. I officially love dressing her! :).  Girl clothes are so much fun!
Everything was great with her, too, and she's gained an ounce since Sunday (up to 4 lbs 14 oz). I'm hoping she'll be back to birth weight by her two week checkup.
Here's a little comparison. My thumb and her foot. I <3 her feet. 
 The doctor wants to do a pelvic ultrasound on her in 6 weeks to make sure her pelvis/hips continue to look good since breech baby girls tend to have pelvic problems. 
Worn out after our busy morning :)


  1. Two great checkups!!! We are so glad Jack C. is feeling better! We love Ella's tiny little feet, too!
    They are both perfection. Love you.


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