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Wordless Wednesday (11/27)


Two Things Tuesday (11/26)

1. November is National Prematurity Awareness Month.
Jack was born a full month before his due date, and we were very very fortunate that he didn't have some of the problems premature babies often deal with.

This is the link to the CDC website that gives information on premature births.

And, this video made me sob and smile.  Grab a tissue or five. 

2. Jack is 24 weeks old today. 
He's doing lots of new things lately including sitting with little assistance and raising his arms above his head when he wants to stand up.  It's completely adorable.

Thankful Thursday (11/21)

Today, I'm thankful for the creativity and helpfulness of others.  
After discussing menu items for Thanksgiving with my sister a few weeks ago, she asked me to make and bring Oreo Balls. I have eaten them many times at gatherings, but I have never fixed them before.  The ones I've had were super yummy, but I didn't know what all went in to making them. 
I wanted to be sure they would turn out ok ahead of time, and I decided that I might as well try making a batch this morning while Jack slept. So, I checked out some recipes on Pinterest. I chose this one, if you're interested. 
I said a quick prayer that Jack wouldn't wake up early and proceeded to gather together all of my ingredients and supplies. 

(The rolling pin did not work--for me--so I brought out the meat tenderizer!)
(This was my least favorite part--I did not enjoy mixing up the ingredients with my hands!)

(I never could get the almond bark to the liquidy consistency that the recipe called for. It was s…

Two Things Tuesday (11/19)

1.  Jack has had two firsts happen in the last week. He started belly laughing, and he started blowing raspberries. Both are adorable. 
2.  Possible TMI alert... I have heard that some babies have side-preferences when it comes to nursing. I don't know that I actually ever thought Jack would be one of those babies because he was such a good nurser regardless of side.  However, last week, he started refusing nursing when I'd go to change sides but would act like he was still hungry later on. At first I got really frustrated because I didn't want it to become a "thing" and then start to affect my supply. Next, I gave in and didn't try to force him to eat. Then, I started looking back over the schedules I write down every day (wake, nurse, nap, repeat) and thought maybe I noticed a pattern. Sure enough, it seemed like on the times where I started him on the right and switched to the left, there was little to no trouble. The times I started on the left and tried to…

Five Facts Friday (11/15)

1.  I'm doing this post because I tried yesterday to write up a Thankful Thursday post. BOTH times this Blogger app I'm using chose to delete everything I had written. TWICE. I gave up.
But, I am grateful.  See #5.

2.  Jack had his well-baby checkup yesterday (a month late).  Everyone in the office said he was such a good baby.  He enjoyed the room we were in and loved looking at and talking to all of the fish decorations on the walls. He was also seriously, deliciously cute in his adorable leggings and hat!  See #3 for proof. 
4.  I love maxi skirts. And, maxi dresses. But, maxi dresses (or any dresses really) aren't particularly doable while I'm still nursing. So, maxi skirts and cute tops will have to suffice. 
5.  I am thankful for reminders to be thankful.  (And, oh how I love Winnie the Pooh. I can't wait to share those sweet stories with Jack.)

Wordless Wednesday (11/13)


Two Things Tuesday (11/12)

1.  Not that this is any indicator of how well a nap will go, but the last couple of days, Jack has started doing something really cute. When we walk into his mostly dark bedroom, he sometimes starts fussing a little bit (especially if I haven't been watching the clock and he's gotten a little overtired). But, as soon as I turn on his white noise machine, he squeals and kicks his legs and rubs his face on my shoulder. He's excited and happy he gets to rest, haha! He's a turkey. And, he is every bit his parents' child! 
2.  We tried out a church on Sunday that we had visited once before.  It was fine, but we still miss our church very much.  Couldn't they just move here, haha?!  In all seriousness, if you've moved and had to find a new church home, how did you go about it? Did you constantly compare the new church(es) to your old one?

5 Months Old!


Thankful Thursday (11/7)

Oh Thankful Thursday. 
I should be able to write this with ease, but I'm struggling. 
I do have many things to be thankful for. 
But, today has been a roller coaster of emotions.  Mostly those horrible dropping ones that leave your tummy in your throat. 
First, I've been dealing with insurance-for-Jack issues all day. I nearly cried each time I called to figure out what the heck was going on. I had to cancel a well-baby visit for him because I don't have proof of insurance. I still don't have any answers. No one returned my calls. 
Next on the list, we were told yesterday that we had a potential buyer. Today, tonight actually, we were told they decided to back out. Again.  "Again?," you say?  Yes.  You see, this same couple has now done this twice.   Twice. 
Then, last night, after 13 straight nights (last time it was 12) of sleeping through the night (with a dreamfeed anywhere from 10 pm to 11pm), Jack woke up at least 5 times between 2 and 7. I think the weather ch…

Wordless Wednesday (11/6)

Two Things Tuesday (11/5)

1.  A few weeks ago, The Husband applied to the police academy through the sheriff's office. Yesterday, he, along with 50 other applicants, completed both a physical ability test (running, sit-ups, push-ups, obstacle course, etc) and a written (SAT-like) test. By the end of the very long day, 19 people remained. He was one of them! Assuming he's not crazy and passes the psych evaluation, he will be officially enrolled in the police academy and will begin attending classes in January. 
2.  We are still showing the condo. Lots of lookers but not enough offers. Please pray we sell it soon.