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Writer's Block, Nutella, and a Few Hallelujahs

Wow. It's been a while. I've missed this. By this, I mean jotting down ideas, editing, writing some more...then hitting that Publish Post button and putting my thoughts out there for all to read (and by all, I mean the precious 4 of you who read the things I post lol--love you!!).
I've been in some sort of writer's-block-funk these last few weeks. I haven't had any new or original ideas that seemed worth writing about.
I suppose I could write about the inordinate amount of Nutella I have consumed lately. It's ridiculous. And not at all healthy. And oh-so-yummy.
I could write about the fact that school is out (can I get a "hallelujah"?!), I went home (my hometown) for a week, and I got to see part of my wonderful family and a few of my fabulous friends.
I could write about how according to an application on my iPod Touch, the left hemisphere of my brain is most definitely dominant. I agreed with all of the reasons it listed up until it men…