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*I felt very loved.*

I came home to a surprise. (If you know me at all, you know how I adore surprises!)
The fiance met me at my house after work...
We walked into the living room with his hands covering my eyes.
Flowers. White. Lovely. In my hand. On counter tops. In a vase near place settings. And candles.
Music playing. Perfectly chosen. Entertaining. Mood-setting. Unobtrusive.
Dinner. Yummy. Salad, lasagna, cream puffs. Haha, the man knows me!
Easy conversation. Laughter. Smiles. Silly faces.
Planning. The future. Talk of wedding reception choreography...which got nixed :(
Time together. Priceless. I'm thankful. For him. And for his romantic side.
303 more days. Then...I get to be Mrs. --insert fiance's last name here--

What does your day hold?

This past week, the staff and faculty at our school had inservice days. If you've never worked in a school, this may not mean anything to you, so I'll explain. Inservice days are days where teachers come together as one body and have meetings regarding such topics as, and in no particular order...dress code, discipline, the handbook, policy, communication, schedules, etc. Our inservice days, unlike many other schools out there, also included a devotional/message time, a time of reflection and prayer. Wednesday morning, we had the most incredible time of prayer, and I believe the Holy Spirit touched every person in that room. I love that I get to work somewhere that allows and encourages that kind of experience.

Early in the week, we watched a video of Chuck Colson as he spoke at a Classical Education conference. Do you know who he is? I didn't. And then I was educated. Wow. Seriously, this guy messed up. Big time. And then? Well, if you have no idea who he is, I…