Friday, August 29, 2014

Five Facts Friday (8/29)

1.  Ella is 2 months (or 8 weeks, 5 days) old today!

2.  Jack has a new tooth. It's a bottom left one. I didn't know he was cutting one until I saw it already poking halfway through Wednesday afternoon. 

3.  He started running fever yesterday. This was accompanied by several very yucky diapers. Seriously yucky. Then, he happily left me a "present" in the tub. First time for that. Truly disgusting. Those poor, poor bath toys...
As I was nursing Ella at 3 this morning, Jack woke crying. I asked The Husband to check on him. He was running fever and needed a diaper change. I finished with Ella and headed in to see if I could help with Jack. I gave him some Tylenol while The Husband took care of the diaper. Even though he didn't feel well, Jack was all smiles and babbles there in the dimly lit room. I was worried he wouldn't want to go back to sleep, so I got him a little bit of milk and sat with him in the rocker. I held him a little longer after he finished and then put him in bed. He slept fine the rest of the night, woke with no fever this morning, played for over an hour happily by himself, and is down for a nap. We'll see how he does the rest of the day.

4.  The Husband has 4 weeks of school left. Four! I'm so incredibly proud of how well he has done.  Now, he's filling out applications for local departments. There are only a few openings, so we've been praying that God will open a place for him soon. Your prayers are appreciated!

5.  Every morning, for the last couple of weeks, I've been reading my devotional out loud to Jack as he eats breakfast. Sometimes the passages were long, and there weren't any pictures to look at, and I thought about finding something else to read to him and just do my devotional later in the day. I remembered that someone had given us a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible before he was born. It's precious, and I had heard great things about it. Anywho, I grabbed that off the shelf and started reading it to him this week. 
He. Loves. It!  
I keep in on the table, and every morning he's requested it by pointing at it and signing "more."  If I stop reading to give him a bite of food, he bounces in his chair and points to the book until I start reading again. I've read over 50 pages to him in 5 days. I highly recommend it for your little ones (or your big ones!). The pages have beautiful illustrations, and the story lines are simple but stay true to God's word. 


Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Facts Friday (8/23)

1.  The gal we bought our table and chairs from on Facebook (hey Rhonda!) gave us two more chairs. For free!  We now have 6 chairs, which means we can have three guests over :). Whoo hoo!

Excuse the computer monitor and other miscellaneous junk. We're currently looking for a really inexpensive but decently-made desk to house the computer :)

2. My mom went with the kids and me to drop off some of my clothes at a local consignment shop. It's SUPER cute in there with lots of really nice clothes and house things. It's very boutique-y. :). I will definitely be shopping there first the next time I need something to wear. 

3. Now that Jack is walking, he needs some shoes. We got him a cute pair at another consignment shop, and he looks too adorable trying to walk in them :). Imagine a high-stepping horse. 

4.  While there, my mom got Ella two very pretty outfits!  I can't wait for her to wear them. Now, I just need to find some cute headbands that will fit her!

5.  And, this. 

I took this and didn't even realize it until I was scrolling through the several I snapped earlier. I don't even have words. But, I can't believe I caught that face. I didn't see him make it; I was probably focusing on keeping him from yanking her over or stabbing a finger in her eye, ear, or mouth. 
I love them. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Two Things Tuesday (8/19)

1.  The living room is coming along. Our pictures and crosses and curtains still need to be placed and hung, and the few remaining boxes of items need to either be moved upstairs or thrown/given away. At least it's livable, and it's a place where Jack can play. The bottom shelf of books is his shelf, and he enjoys pulling out books to bring to me to read to/look at with him. I've stored some of his toys under the coffee table (classy, right?), and  Ella's swing is in there until we have room elsewhere. 

2.  Speaking of Jack. Here are the many faces (and the wild hair) of Jack this morning. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Independent playtime is a staple around here. It's how I spend one-on-one time with Ella. Or how I get things accomished. Or how I just have some time to breathe. 
During his playtime this afternoon, I decided to see what he was up to. I happened to catch a little bit on camera :) This video is just a peek at Jack during his playtime.  Yes, I filmed under the door :). 

A little background: this was 30+ minutes in, and he had wooden blocks, a wooden puzzle, a stuffed animal, and a few odd, small toys that were in the attached basket on the side of the playpen. I change out the toys each time; I have them pre-sorted in bins, so all I have to do is grab a bin. He's listening to Mozart, but that's not the only music he listens to during playtime. This morning he listened to Bob and Larry's Campfire Songs (LOVE that CD!). Tomorrow, he might listen to his Sesame Street CD and some praise and worship songs. 

A typical Jack day looks like this. It's a schedule, so X out now if those bore you ;)

7:15 wake, drink milk, eat breakfast

8:00 independent playtime in his room 

8:45-9:00 (some days he is still happily playing when the 45 minutes is up, so I'll let him have another 15 minutes) clean up toys; he's good at cleaning up as long as I tell him where to put things

9:00 one-on-one playtime with me

9:30 nap

11:30 milk and lunch 

12:00 flash cards in high chair while I eat lunch 

12:30 playtime in the living room and kitchen while I clean up; we might also go outside for a little while during this time

1:30 winding down; he's usually getting tired, so I'll have him choose books, and we'll snuggle and read 

2:00 nap

3:45-4:00 milk

4:00 independent playtime 

5:00 clean up toys and keep me company while I fix dinner

5:30 dinner

6:15 play with The Husband when he's not in class or working

6:45 bath time, milk, and bed by 7:15

The great thing about this is the routine. He knows what to expect. I know what to expect. There's no guess work involved. No trying to figure out how to keep him occupied. 

And, Ella? She fit right in, haha :). I feed her before he wakes in the morning, while he's playing independently, while he's napping both times, and once when he's with me in the living room (he's good about staying where I am for now!). Then, she gets fed after he's in bed and usually two times at night. Her routine is wake, eat, some awake time/tummy time, sleep, repeat. She's awake for usually no longer than an hour total (which includes eating) each cycle until the 8 o'clock feed. That one she goes straight back to bed after eating.  She's eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day (usually I have to wake her so I let it get closer to 3 hours) and then however long she'll sleep at night. I do wake her between 10:30pm and 11pm to nurse, and then I get some sleep :) 

So, that's what a day in our home looks like :) 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Two (or Three) Things Tuesday (8/12)

1.  The Husband must have gotten bored with mowing the regular way...

2.0.  I think Jack enjoys our floors. 

2.1.  I couldn't resist sharing these shots of her. I mean, really?!  She's so darn sweet.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

14 and 6

Jack is 14 months old today. 
He's currently napping. Whoo hoo!

A few things:
**Jack can follow simple directions well. 
He asserts his stubbornness ahem independence sometimes, but he really is doing a great job at obeying. 
**Jack understands soooo much. Truly it's astounding how much he grasps. 
**Jack refuses to speak. He will babble a little, but mostly he just wants to squeal or say "uh uh" and point at things he either wants or things he wants you to tell him about. 
**Jack plays twice a day by himself in his room (in his playpen). Each time, he plays for 30 minutes to almost an hour. I have baskets of toys, and I'll choose a basket for him to have in the playpen with him. He listens to music while he's in there.  He has begun leaning how to help me clean up the toys he's been playing with.
**Jack loves to look out the windows and watch the world. He gets eapecially excited when he sees someone he knows. 
**Jack answers to "Monkey" by me and "Buddy" by his dad. 
**Jack usually takes two good naps a day and shows me his bed when he wants to lie down. 
**Jack likes to pretend he's shy, feed the person sitting next to him, clap his hands, walk, and get your attention by any means necessary :)
**Jack will pick books to read and bring them to me. He often chooses the same 3 or 4 off the shelf and will sit on my lap while I read. He loves the farm ones the most right now. 
**UPDATE - Jack has started clicking his tongue today. :)

Ella is 6 weeks old (yesterday). 
She is also currently napping (yes, we all see what I've done with my quiet time. But in my defense, I also did dishes and started the laundry and ate breakfast). :)

A few things about Ella:
**Ella makes more grunting noises than any other baby I have been around. 
**Ella likes to be snuggled and loved on. 
**Ella likes to look around when she's awake (which is still quite rare). 
**Ella had her first tummy-time time today and did well. She lifted and turned her head. Then, she went to sleep. :)
**Ella has started wearing cloth diapers, and they are giant and adorable on her. 
**Ella has her mommy and dads wrapped around her teeny tiny finger. 
**Ella likes to sleep on her right side, and
if I haven't smushed a rolled up blanket next to her, she will roll onto her side. 
**Ella is sooo precious and gets kissed hundreds of times a day. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's Old is New

My mom brought over a bag of a few articles of clothing I wore as a baby. I've set most of the items aside for when Ella is big enough to wear them. 

However, there was a neat white and blue bib that I knew would be perfect for our little drooly man.

I love that there's a teething toy attached!
Isn't that ingenious? I wish his other bibs were as neat! Plus, this one has a snap and stays put to protect his shirt from the onslaught of moisture, which seems to escape his mouth constantly. 

Thanks, Mom (Nana) for saving these things for us! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Two Things Tuesday (8/5)

1.  This little lady weighs a whopping 6 pounds, 13 ounces. She's gained 1 pound, 1 ounce since we saw her doctor two weeks ago. 
My nicknames for her are Ella Bella, Miss Noisy Britches, and Stinky Pete. 
She gets the hiccups super often. 
She's a ridiculously noisy sleeper. And awaker. She pretty much makes grunting noises constantly with the occasional squeal thrown in when she's dreaming. 
She very rarely cries. 
She's losing her hair, and her scalp resembles an old man's receding hairline. 
She's so very precious. 

2.  Jack is walking more and more. He attempts it even without me asking him to now. He's very proud of himself. 
He also claps, gives "five," pretends to be shy, looks for items when asked to, gives hugs, shakes his head "no" but refuses to nod "yes," and is incredibly sweet. 
I ran out of memory on my phone, so I don't have a recent picture of him to post :(. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Something New

Jack has been doing this for a few days now, and he's getting braver each time he attempts it :)