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To Ella--With Love on Your 2nd Birthday

Hello Love! It's your birthday!  We spent our last morning together this way. No more after-waking nursings. We were down to only once a day, and I don't think you'll miss it, but I think there will be days that I will. I'll miss those quiet snuggles before our crazy day begins. I'm pretty darn proud of us for making it two years :) Nana and Grandpa stayed with Jack while you, me, and Daddy went to the park. You had such a fun time exploring and climbing and swinging and running.  Now that you and your brother are resting, I thought I'd jot down a few things about you, my sweet girl. 
You are DELIGHTFUL and smart and funny and give the sweetest hugs and kisses!  And you are sassy, which is something we are working with you to tone down. Because 2-year-old sassy can be cute. 10-year-old sassy, not so much.  You love your brother and ask for him when he's not in the room. You play chase and hide-and-seek together and do so with squeals and giggles. You love to look …

Summer Heat

It's only the end of June, and already the heat is stifling here southeast Texas. It's taking it out of me, and other than taking care of my family and our home, I have little energy for much else--including blogging. 
This morning, The Husband came home from work and found that our caterpillar-now-moth had emerged from its cocoon sometime during the night/early morning hours. It was flying so hard that it would shake the jar when it hit :/ It sure wasn't a pretty little fella, but it was a neat process to watch take place over the last few weeks.  Anyway, we showed the kids, and the three of them released it before breakfast.  This afternoon, when I went to get Ella from her room, Jack managed to reach up on the counter and found The Husband's razor. Yikes!! I caught him just as he started "cutting his hair like Daddy." But he still managed to remove quite a chunk. Thankfully that's all that happened :/.  My cucumber plants finally kicked the bucket, and I d…

Father's Day 2016

Happy Father's Day to my husband!
Our kids adore you, and I'm so glad we are on this parenting journey together. 

And happy Father's Day to my daddy!  You're the best, and these kiddos think you're pretty spectacular, too :) I'm beyond grateful for you both, and I love you!

A Joint Celebration

We celebrated Jack's birthday (a week late) and Ella's birthday (11 days early) today with a few family members and friends.  It was hot and humid, and I want to give those who endured the heat with us big, big props (especially our family and friends who drove in from out of town to help us celebrate)!  The kids had so much fun, and they loved seeing everyone. They had a blast opening up their gifts.  The food was delicious, and with a little help from Auntie Faith and Nonny, the cookie cups turned out yummy :) It was a sweet summer party, and we're beat! :) The Husband and I are silently thanking the Good Lord for nap time, haha! 

Two Things Tuesday (6/14)

1. Last Friday afternoon, Jack and I did an experiment with beans. He dipped cotton balls into water and put those with five different types of beans in a plastic bag. We hung it on the window to give the beans sunlight.  Here they are four days later! So neat :) Our caterpillar finally formed it's cocoon a few days ago. We check every day to see if anything has changed. 
2.  My in-laws have been in town since Sunday, and we've really enjoyed spending time with them.  The kids have LOVED all of the attention. 

To Jack--With Love on Your 3rd Birthday

Hey Monkey!

You're three years old today, and we have spent the morning celebrating you :) We dropped Ella off at Nana and Grandpa's house after we got ready for the day, and then you, Daddy, and I went to the park. We saw the ducks and played on the playground and swung on the swings.  You even met a new friend!  After a very hot and wonderful time of playing, we went to eat, and I think you enjoyed having our undivided attention. And eating the food.  Because it. was. yummy.  We swung by to pick up Ella on our way home from a quick trip to the library for some new books, and you got to open your present from Nana and Grandpa. You thought it was super neat. Ella did, too, haha!   You and Ella are napping, and I'm resting after our busy morning. I was looking back at my birthday post to you last year before writing this one, and I cannot believe how you have seemingly become a big boy overnight.  You continue to be smart as a whip, and you are hilarious and loving.   You …