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Thankful Thursday (8/29)

Today, I'm thankful for grandparents.

The Husband lost his grandpa today, and he loved him very much.

Jack has two wonderful sets of grandparents!  They love him beyond words and lavish him with hugs and kisses and kind words whenever they're around him. How blessed we are, and I know those grandparents will leave a remarkable impact on his life!  Jack will always know he's loved, just as I always knew my grandparents loved me. 

My maternal grandparents lived in my hometown, so I saw them pretty regularly. I spent days and nights at their house often, especially during the summer months. I have such sweet memories of them. Going on afternoon walks with Grammy. Playing in the refrigerator box that Papa had turned into a playhouse in their living room. Making mud pies on their back patio. Helping Grammy shell peas. Watching Papa draw in his home office.  Having tea with Grammy and her friends, the nuns, who came to visit.  Laughing with Papa at the silliness of soap operas. …

Wordless Wednesday (8/28)


Two Things Tuesday (8/27)

1.  This little boy has an assortment of nicknames. I'm a little afraid he'll respond to those more than his actual name :)
Bright Eyes Handsome Baby Jack-Jack Sugar (and many derivations of that...Sugar Pie, Sugar Britches, etc.) Little Man Precious Buddy Cutie Pie Sweet Boy

2.  Tomorrow, The Husband is meeting with someone who is interested in leasing the condo. Prayers are appreciated!

Thankful Thursday (8/22)

Today, I'm thankful for The Husband. 

Of course, I think he's handsome and funny and strong and brave. 

But, these are the things I'm most thankful for...

He is my partner in life, and I trust him.
He can say just a few words and make me believe I'm beautiful. Even when I know I'm looking particularly unkempt. Or slightly horrific. Or falling to pieces (which, as of late, feels like often).
Currently, he's working tirelessly to get the condo ready to sell.  Mostly by himself. He's sanded and scrubbed and painted and moved heavy objects. He met with the realtor. 
He's making a plan to provide for us the best way he can.  I know God's going to clear a path for him to be able to do so. 
He loves us with his whole heart. 
He is a wonderful husband and a GREAT father. 

Wordless Wednesday (8/21)

Two Things Tuesday (8/20)

1.  Jack is learning to sleep anywhere.   And, apparently in any position. 
2.  He loves bath time now! 

Thankful Thursday(8/15)

Today, I'm thankful for a growing little boy.

His two-month well-baby visit was this afternoon.

He weighs 12 pounds and is 22 inches long. Looks good!

He is doing really well, and we're really pleased with his pediatrician (here in my parents' town).  He's on board with us (& even recommended) delaying vaccines. It was nice not having to explain our decision on that subject, and it was even nicer having a doctor back us up. 
Jack refused to nap before our appointment, so as we waited he got a little fussy. He nursed and then fell asleep while we chatted with his doctor. Although, he's been fighting a few naps recently, he usually sighs/coos with contentment when I put him down to rest. It's pretty cute. And, it makes the sleep-training these last few weeks worth it. 
I'm so thankful for a snuggly, super-sweet, healthy, growing, learning, cooing, smiling, tongue-sticking-out little boy. 

Wordless Wednesday (8/14) - A Gorgeous Gift!

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Two Things Tuesday (8/13)

1.  I forgot that today was Tuesday and therefore forgot to do this post until Lena ( me a virtual hug. Thank you!  I needed it! A big virtual hug to you, too! 
2.  Yes, People. It's official. Jack is now even more adorable than he was yesterday.  He coos when we talk or coo at him, he sticks his tongue out when we stick ours out, and he's been giving some very sweet smiles. 

Private and oh so public

This is my blog. I come here to write public things often. Rarely do I post things that are super personal.

Tonight's post is one that's like a diary entry. I don't know why I'm making it public. I suppose because I'm hoping against all hope that God is doing something amazing through these trials.  I will in all likelihood close the comments section though because, although I TRULY value your opinions, I just can't handle much more right now. 
My heart is heavy. I feel its weight crushing my insides and rising up in my throat. 
The Husband has yet to find a job. 
Our home needs to be sold or leased out so that we don't foreclose on it.  We have a few options but they all involve incurring more debt than we already have. 
Our cats need a home.  Like tomorrow. They can no longer be cared for, and there's just not enough room for them where we are. I've checked into the shelter policy on bringing animals to them. Y'all, my oldest cat will in all l…

Two Months!

You are 2 months old today! 

You weigh 12 pounds. 

You rarely cry during diaper changes or when going down for a nap (sometimes you cry when you wake up mid-nap and have trouble falling back to sleep). 

You have the sweetest, craziest, funniest facial expressions. 

You've started to interact with the world around you by cooing, by batting at things (though it's probably not on purpose most times), and by being aware of the lights and colors you see and sounds you hear (you cried so hard when Daddy sneezed the other day!)
(Sometimes you are so sleepy after eating that you even sleep through getting your nose suctioned out!)
We love you more today than we thought possible!

Thankful Thursday (8/8) A Day Late

This post is a day late. Yesterday morning/early afternoon was busy, AND then we didn't have Internet access yesterday afternoon/evening. And, honestly, I was having a tough time being thankful. 
Today (yesterday), I'm thankful for no's. 
I'm thankful for all the times I was told "no" as a child. It taught me there are boundaries.
I'm thankful for all the times God didn't answer my teenage pleas of having a boyfriend. I would have made terrible choices. I would have regretted them.  I likely wouldn't have met The Husband. And, I wouldn't have Jack. 
I'm thankful the answer was "no" to the job The Husband interviewed for this week.  I don't like it. Part of me wishes it were a "yes" instead. But, I'm thankful because I know God's in control. I don't know what He's doing specifically, but I do know He works out everything for our good.  I know He has something even better in store for us.  Even better t…

Wordless Wednesday (8/7)

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Two Things Tuesday (8/6)

1. Jack-Jack is 8 weeks old today. 
According to my mom's scale, he weighs 11.5 pounds.  He's been going through a growth spurt. Lots of nursing and very sleepy. Until yesterday. Yesterday, he had trouble napping, and then we saw our first "witching hour" incident--he was up from 4:30pm until after 9.  He was so exhausted from being overtired that he had the hardest time going to sleep. He fought it tooth and nail. He's fought sleep before, but never like that. It was hard to listen to. We all took turns trying to soothe him, but he was just so upset. Nursing helped, but once he was in bed, he'd startle himself each time he'd start to doze off.  Poor guy.  He also had to be swaddled again and again. He's way to persistent when it comes to getting those arms loose! We certainly had an interesting night-- I'm hoping for a better day. 

2. The Husband has an interview at 10:00 this morning. 
It's with a really impressive company.  We like what they st…

Not for the Faint of Heart

Sleep training.

It's a touchy subject. 
And, it's definitely only one battle in the "mommy wars" (Google it.  Sadly, it's real.) that are raging full-force these days. 
Nursery sleeping versus co-sleeping.  Breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding.  Working outside the home versus working at home.  Cloth diapering versus using disposables.  Vaccine administering on schedule versus delaying.
Crying it out versus being rocked/bounced/held before each nap.  Public versus private versus home-schooling.
The wars rage on. Mothers pit themselves against other mothers because "they know what's best."  
In my 8 years of teaching and in the 8 years prior to that of babysitting, I saw examples of good parenting and bad parents.  Or what I deemed "good" and "bad."  
See?? Even as a non-mother at the time, I was among those who judge mothers. I, of course, did it with the best intentions.  It was all under the guise of, "How could they think…

Thankful Thursday (8/1)

Today, I'm thankful for friends. 
I'm especially thankful for the friends we have who have given Godly advice, lots of encouragement, and several job leads. 
The Husband has applied for tons of jobs, a couple of which were shared with him by friends. He had a phone interview with one of those this morning. It went well!  He has an in-person interview next week. He's excited about the prospect of working for this company. They do work with lots of churches and Christian organizations and are a highly respectable company. 
Even if it doesn't work out, I know we're headed in the right direction. God is in control.