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Testing the Waters - Part III

So, we started the kiddos' little room sharing adventure on Tuesday night. It's now Sunday evening, and I've learned a few things. 

Lesson #1.  It doesn't matter how long I wait for Ella to go to sleep before I bring Jack in.  She could potentially giggle and babble and throw herself all around that crib for an hour, and if I go in there while she's still awake? Good Lord, you'd think I abandoned her forever by laying Jack in his bed and walking out. I learned that on night two. She cried for 15 minutes. I felt bad for Jack. 
Lesson #2.  It's less hassle to just use my mom muscles and get them in their beds at the same time. I pretty much chunk him over the side of his crib after snuggling and saying prayers with them in my arms. He curls up with his puppy (that he immediately throws out the minute I'm out the door). At least until I leave the room. I kiss her and put her in her zipadeezip, and then, I walk out and shut the door. No tears. MUCH better. 

Testing the Waters - Part II

These little people did beautifully last night :) He was so very excited to have her in the room with him, and I had to keep explaining that he had to be very quiet when we went in so that she wouldn't wake up. Well, she wasn't quite asleep when I brought him to his bed, so she cried when I left the room. But that lasted less than a minute, and we never heard a peep from them the rest of the night.  Fingers and toes crossed for another good night and maybe a later wake-up call (*ahem* Ella) tomorrow morning for this momma who was so anxious she barely slept a wink.  They'll still take naps in different rooms because Jack takes a longer nap, and I'd really like that to continue, but I'm really happy to have a room for just me and The Husband again. It was a very bizarre feeling to be able to go into our room last night when we were ready to go to bed and turn on a lamp and talk quietly together before sleeping.  We haven't been alone in our room for over a year.  …

Testing the Waters

Wish us luck...I think we're going to need it!

You Are My Sunshine

Gah. This girl. She can be a delight,and then in the next breath, she can be a crazy woman. We love her beyond words.  The outfit she's wearing was mine when I was a wee babe. I LOVE her in bonnets. I never thought I'd feel that way because they're so old fashioned, but she was so cute in it. I must find more. Plus, she couldn't rip it off like she does with every. single. headband. I put on her head.  This boy is a ray of sunshine, and then two seconds later he's a blubbering emotional mess. Ah, the toddler years. We adore him.

Weekend Away

We spent the weekend with The Husband's family.  We saw a few dear friends while we were in town.   We were also able to attend our old church on Sunday.  It was a good, fast, crazy (the children) weekend, and we're glad we made the trip. Also, The Husband learned to use a selfie stick. So there's that.  And, now we're home, unpacked. The kids are bathed and almost in bed. I'm looking forward to a quiet night curled up on the couch with my husband and a bowl of ice cream that I hope he goes out and buys me ;)

First Road Trip

I'm tired. My spirit is worn out.  I've cried more today than I have in a long time.  I'm not going to go into the details, but I will say my faith (which was already on rocky ground) has been shaken. And, I'm angry and disappointed and sad. The emotions have grabbed hold of me, and I'm tired of fighting them off. I won't ask you to pray for me; though I know some of you will because it's in your nature to do so. 
This afternoon we set off on a short trip that had been planned for a while. Nothing big. Just spending time with family and seeing a friend or two while we're in town. No big adventures. No trips to the zoo (I do so hope we make it to the zoo one day with the kids. It's one of my favorite places to go, and it bums me out that we don't have one anywhere around us.). 
This is our first "trip" with both kids. We left at nap time with the intention that they'd sleep most of the way.  Then traffic came to a…

New Twist on Nails

About a week ago, I was scanning my Facebook feed, when I saw a contest for Jamberry. Jamberry is a company that produces nail wraps, and I've been wanting to try them for a long time. Anywho.  I entered, and with the help of The Bestie, I won (and so did she!) a half sheet of Jamberry nail wraps. The gal we won from has no idea I'm writing this post, but I may send her the link in case she's interested in my opinion, haha! They arrived in the mail a few days ago (I didn't get to choose the design), and today, I decided to give them a go.  Here's my old polish.  That I did myself.  Because who has $40 to plop down on a pedicure?   Not me.  But, y'all, as soon as The Husband gets a new job, I'm treating myself to one, because I HATE messing with feet. Especially mine. They're not attractive feet, so I apologize ahead of time for all of the foot photos you're about to see. Ugh. Please look beyond the foot to the pretty wraps instead. Thank you.  Anyway.  I went …


I'm not a fan of messes. Of dirt or mud. Of paint. Of Cheerios covering my kitchen floor. Pretty much anything that has to be cleaned up, I have little interest in dealing with. 

At. All. 

As a pre-k and kindergarten teacher, I dealt with messes all of the time. It forced me out of my cleanliness-comfort-zone, if you will. Paint and glitter and marker marks and paper and activity center toys. All over the place just waiting to be cleaned up or put back in their places. 
When I married The Husband, I found that I had to deal with other kinds of messes. I think most ladies know where this is going. Socks and underwear left in odd places. Dirty dishes left in the sink (I'm ok with this now) or on the table. Towels and wash cloths left on the floor (he's much better about this one. Well, towels, anyway.). 
Then, we started having children. The messes continued. Cloth diapers and spit-up and bibs (and children) covered in food. With Jack now using the potty consistently, I have the…