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Oliver Flynn - 3 Months Old

Olli is 3 months old today.
He has fit into our family so perfectly, which has been such an answer to prayer.  He's vocal in all the best and sweetest ways.  He takes four naps a day: the first two are between 2 and 3 hours, the third is usually an hour to an hour and a half, and his last one is right around 45 minutes. He nurses around 7 times a day and has been doing a great job of going from about 10:30 to right around 6 without waking to nurse.  He rarely cries, and when he does, it's usually in short bursts to get our attention. He stops almost immediately when we go get him out of bed and smiles or coos with excitement to see us. The only time he fusses when he's out of bed is when he's getting tired, and I've missed his sleepy cues.  He's still a champ at rolling from his belly to his back and shows no interest in doing the reverse. He's doing a great job of holding his head up with minimal assistance. 
He's so lovely.