Friday, May 29, 2015

Five Facts Friday (5/29)

1. This cutie :)
2.  Last week when I was grocery shopping, I picked up three bags of different types of dry beans. I had had a bin of colorful pasta for Jack to explore with, but I knew he would enjoy playing/learning with something new. So I mixed all three kinds together, threw in some measuring spoons, a few small containers, and a large plastic cup. He went to town, and every day since, he's asked for that bin. He likes to carry around a few pinto beans just because :)
3.  Speaking of that little dude. He will be two years old in a little less than two weeks. It's hard to remember what my life was like this time last year with only one little one to take care of. I thought I was tired then, haha! 
*For real, y'all.*
For some time now, I've been waiting for his oral speech to take off, and it hasn't. He speaks 5 words clearly and consistently, but he has a sign language vocab of around 40 words (If I knew more, I'd teach them to him). He uses them beautifully and puts them together as phrases or partial sentences. The Husband and I understand him (his words, signs, gestures, etc.), so it hasn't been a big deal around here, but not everyone understands the signs, and we want him to be able to communicate with everyone. 
I made the call to ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) yesterday afternoon to see what our options are. I spoke with a lovely gal this morning, and we've set up an appointment a few days after his birthday for him to be evaluated by a speech therapist. They'll figure out his developmental age in all areas, and then we'll discuss a plan if there's a concern.

4. I debated about whether or not I should share this, but I've been pretty upfront about our family's struggles and issues over the life of this blog, and I saw no reason to stop now.  Be kind. 

5.  Part of me is concerned that something is really wrong. Part of me realizes that God's got this, and there's nothing to fear. 
I resisted calling mostly because I wanted it to all be in my head (or the heads of others). But that's a mom thing, right? We resist the notion that anything could be wrong with our kiddos. I gave in because it would stink if this is something that can be fixed or helped simply by catching it early. I don't want to miss the boat. He's incredibly smart and loving, and I want him to be able to do great things with that intelligence and love.  I pray every night that God will allow him to do amazing things for His kingdom.
I could use some anecdotes of speech issues or delays that have happy endings, so if you've got 'em, send them my way!  And, as always, I'm thankful for your love and prayers :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Musings (5/25)

Milky Memorial Day
This guy is ROCKING potty training. He rarely has an accident. He wears underwear except for naps and at night. So proud of this not-quite-two dude!
She's so, so sweet and is quite a character with that one tooth on top :)
This was the closest I got to them both looking at the camera with semi-smiles as I tried desperately to get their attention. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thankful Thursday (5/21)

Today, I'm thankful for seeing things in a new way. 

I'm a girly-girl through and through. I don't enjoy mud or bugs or being dirty. 

But, having a boy, a boy who loves being outside, has changed all that.  

I have never in my life thought a snail was beautiful. They're slimy and icky, and y'all, I DON'T do slimy. Or icky. 

But, I certainly did today. And, I found myself describing a snail as beautiful (and believing it!) to my son who thought he was seeing and holding the most interesting thing ever. Once he had that snail in his hand, he wouldn't put it down. He carried it around the porch with him for 10 minutes until I convinced him that the snail wanted to eat supper with the other snails. We talked about how God had given the snail a house to hide in when he wanted to sleep or be safe or was scared. We watched for long minutes as the snails slowly worked their way up shoots of grass and then would pull their houses along with them. We giggled when he'd pick one up, and whoosh! into its house it would go. 
Slime and snails, y'all. It was wonderful. I love seeing things through his eyes. I loved more the fact that I forced myself to stop and be still long enough to watch snails do their snail thing at their snail pace. 

And, Ella? She giggled when we giggled and watched us as we watched. 
She's all sugar and spice, that girl. 

I'm thankful for rainy days that bring out the snails and the beauty and the giggles. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Five Facts Friday (5/15)

1.  We have been in the throes of potty training the last three or four days. I didn't set out to; it started out of necessity (he had a spot on his bottom that wasn't healing properly while in wet diapers all day).  It's not awesome, but every time he's successful at staying dry, we celebrate the victories. 

You know you're talking to a kiddo whose potty training when the following come out of your mouth 

"Don't tee-tee on the floor! Why did you tee-tee on your sister's toy?!" 

"Are your underwear dry? Good job! Don't tee-tee in your underwear." 

"Tell Mommy when you need to sit on the potty. Do you need to sit on the potty? Let's go sit on the potty."  

"No, we're not putting on your diaper right now. No, you're not 'all done.' Please sit there until you tee-tee."

"Stop touching the toilet paper. Stop grabbing the shower curtain. Stop touching the things on the back of the toilet. Stop kicking the trash can. Stop sitting sideways on the toilet."

2.  The Husband ordered me something from this wonderful chocolate store (The Chocolate Garden) in Michigan for Mother's Day, and it's lost in the mail. Our theory is that it was eaten along the way. I'm very, very sad. 

3. To make up for not having whatever he ordered, I ate my weight in these. 
Oh. My. Yum. 

4.  I mentioned recently on here that I wanted to display our family verses somewhere in our home. Yesterday, while perusing Facebook, I came across an adorable chalkboard made from an old cabinet door. I went to the store that had posted it today, and I bought that sucker. I can't wait to get it hung in our kitchen! The Husband really likes it, too :)

5. I started planning the kids' joint birthday party. I sent out evites today, so if you think you were supposed to receive one and didn't, please let me know!  I don't want to forget anyone. We want them surrounded by people who love them. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

It's been a sweet, regular day with these two.  The dishes still got washed. The laundry still got put away. Dinner will still get fixed. 
But their smiles and giggles and hugs (the boy is attached to my neck currently) have really made it a lovely day. 
And, also, the soft, knit shorts I put on 4 hours ago after we got home from church are on backwards. I just noticed. And, I'm outside. I hope my neighbors don't see the ties hanging down my backside.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Musings (5/4)

~I'm in the mood to decorate my backyard with beautiful flowers, especially along the fence line. I was thinking rose bushes. But, then.
I get email notifications from a company called Joss & Main often with discounted prices and good deals, and today's email showed that, among other things, they had their garden items on sale. I clicked on over and saw the prettiest hydrangeas! I ADORE hydrangeas. We had them in our wedding, and they were so simple and beautiful. Unfortunately, they already sold out of all of their hydrangeas!!  BOO.  I'll keep looking around to find some good deals.  If you're also in the gardening mood, check out their sales. Maybe they'll have the plant, garden item, outdoor furniture, or other item for around the house you're searching for.

~Saturday morning, my mom and I took the kids to our local consignment shop. They were having a birthday/reopening/moving celebration and had prizes and food and a man doing face painting.
Jack cried. 
Then, when we got home, all he wanted to do was look at his basketball in the mirror, haha. 
~Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I sat on the porch and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Owl came out with us, and Jack and I drew him pictures.  
~Last night, after Jack had finished his bowl of spinach tortellini and his slices of yellow squash, he requested some of the pumpkin purée I was feeding Ella. 
I scooped some into his EZPZ mat, and he went to town.  He'll pretty much eat whatever I put in front of him. 
~It's been 3 years. Three years today since I delivered, and we lost our girl. Time has passed so quickly, and yet the loss sometimes feels so fresh. The last few days I've found myself hugging Jack and Ella a little tighter and a little longer, and they have tolerated it, even welcomed it.  Often they snuggle in and bury their faces in my neck, and I sigh. 
Jack likes to look at her book that sits on our side table by the couch, but I only let him see the pictures. The book is a precious and special reminder of the brief moments we were able to hold her, and although I can't undo it, three years later and I still often wish we'd seen her little face. We held her and touched her very tiny hands and feet, but we didn't even glance at her cheeks or her chin or her ears, and I regret it. I can't wait to see her sweet, smiling face when we meet in heaven one day. I can't wait to see if her eyes are blue like Ella's or hazel like Jack's or brown like her daddy's or green like mine. I can't wait to hear her giggles and squeals. I can't wait to hug her so tightly. I don't think I'll want to let go. 
Three years, my sweet girl. 
We miss you so.