Thursday, December 22, 2011


Do you remember my last post? The one in which I wrote a bunch of sentences about the people/opportunities in my life right now that I'm thankful for?

The list just grew by leaps and bounds.  

Well, I'm not leaping or bounding anywhere (other than in my heart and in my head).

For one, five months ago tomorrow, the husband and I were wed! Love that man :)

And, second.

Last weekend, we made this discovery.









To be fair, I actually made the discovery before the husband did.  
Hours before. 
It took EVERYTHING in me not to shout the news out right there in front of our guest. 
(Yes, I totally took the test while we had a friend over.)  

After finding the evidence bow-tied and placed squarely on the bed where he couldn't miss it, he took the news quite well. 

We are overwhelmed with happiness.  

Overcome with thankfulness.  

Almost speechless with the immensity of this gift.

I read somewhere recently that we should wait to share this news until a few more weeks have gone by, and I know others have followed this suggestion.

I almost waited.

Then, I remembered.

God, the author and perfecter of everything, created this new life inside of me.  

He chose me to carry and us to raise His child.  
His child.

He is forming this new little one (who is between the size of an orange seed and a sweet pea!), knitting him/her together as I type. **Psalm 139:13**  Right now, the baby's heart is being formed.  

He knew this wee one even before conception. 
**Jeremiah 1:5**

He rejoices over this precious babe. 
**Zephaniah 3:17**

I won't live in superstition.  Or fear.  Or doubt.  

I will live in hope.  In prayer.  In thanks.  In trust.

Pray and praise with us during this new step in the journey?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just some sentences...

*I have no voice above a whisper, which has prevented me from teaching today.  Going in to work would have been pointless since I teach six very active, very sweet, very talkative 4- and 5-year-olds.

*I have a rather comfy-looking cat lying on my legs which are, along with the rest of my body, currently covered by four blankets.  Our house stays pretty cold in the winter (possibly due to the fact that our insulation is 10 inches less than it should be).  According to the free inspection we had done yesterday. 

*I have a loving, wonderful husband who is currently in the office-slash-former spare bedroom studying while wearing my fuzzy pink robe (I suspect he's taken a break by the loud drumbeat and music coming from the room).  I could be wrong.  He studies with loud music often.  I write lesson plans while singing along to music, too, so who am I to judge? :)

*I have a job that I enjoy and am incredibly thankful for. 
I will be honest here. 
I can't wait for the day when my job changes from nurturing other people's children to nurturing our own.
Darn you, Facebook friends, for constantly posting your pregnancy news.
 *kidding!* I truly get excited when anyone makes that announcement.  :P
Kelli, I sure can't wait to meet my newest niece.  I predict she'll be a girl-version of Tripp!

*I have a church family and a new pastor that inspire me to grow in my relationship with Christ in this great adventure.  And now, Paul and Silas are very real to me and are no longer just Bible super-heroes. :)

*I have friends (near and far) that I adore. 
There are far too many to name, but I do want to give a quick shout-out to my dear friend Tina.  I cannot wait for you to get your Master's. You will be even more amazing than you already are.  Your generosity and passion for taking care of others is a gift, and I feel blessed to know you.  You are family, and I can't thank God enough for putting us together in choir. 
*ahem* I cheated and had lactose-free milk this morning....I was desperate!
Oh dairy, how you taunt me.

*I have amazing family members (both by blood and by marriage!) who I love and are always just a phone call away.  I wish we could bless you this Christmas with generous gifts to show our appreciation for you. But, while our gifts may be small, our thankfulness for you is not. 

*I have a marriage that continues to grow and mature.  I love that man, and I am so proud of his desire to learn well, so he can provide for our family. 
He is learning to lead, and I am learning to submit...which is soooooo difficult sometimes.  In order for him to lead well, I must follow well.  If my desire is for him to be successful, then I must not hinder that success by throwing my own agenda at him.  Oh, it's a steep learning curve for us both, but we are making it.  Four and a half months in.  That's longer than many celebrity marriages. Ooops, that was mean!

*I have a pillow that's calling my name. I think I'll rest some more.  This no-talking thing is no fun.

Thanks for listening.