A Little Celebrating

We celebrated Oliver today with a little family gathering.

I made cupcakes, my parents brought over veggies, and we picked up some pizza. 

It was simple and nice, and he was loved on lots. 

To Oliver-With Love on Your 1st Birthday

Oh, sweet Oliver Flynn.
What a delightful year it’s been with you.  You are sweet and snuggly and adorable. You’re a fantastic nurser and are doing well with trying out whatever I put on your tray to nibble on. Your favorites are greek yogurt, cottage cheese, apple sauce, mashed bananas, chunks of cheese, Cheerios, and black beans.  You squeal and babble and say “Dada” all day without a hint of a “momma” to be found.  You are nearly 20lbs of squishy and are a short thing at a little over 27 inches.  You crawl sooo quickly, and you pull up on everything that stands still long enough for you to do so. 
You adore your people, and your people adore you. 
You have been the biggest blessing to our family this year, and we could not be more grateful.  Happy, happy birthday, sweet baby!  We love you bunches and bunches. 💙

An Interview with the Boy - 4 1/2

Starting two years ago, I have interviewed Jack using the same questions each year.
That first year he wasn’t very verbal. Fast forward one year and then two years, and oh. my. goodness. 
He talks our ears off and has opinions about EVERYTHING. I was actually a little bit worried about what he might say in this interview, but I went into it promising myself I wouldn't edit or stop even if he said something weird, haha! And, he did!
We love you, Jack-Jack. Keep being your cool, sweet self !

Jack’s interview - 4 1/2 years old from Joy Rawlins on Vimeo.

Oliver Flynn - 11 Months Old

Edit - he weighs 18 pounds and is 26 1/2 inches long.

Oliver is 11 months old today!
I know I say this every time, but he is the most delightful baby. He’s happy 99% of the time. 
He’s crawling all over the place and pulling up onto his knees a lot.  He has two bottom teeth and four coming in right now. He looks ridiculously adorable when those gums and chompers are on display! He babbles and squeals often and only gets out “Momma” when he’s sad. 
He loves exploring and heads to the bathroom quite often for some reason. Thank goodness for safe cleaners and clean bathrooms.  He had his first tub bath a few nights ago. Loved it! He adores his siblings and laughs so hard for them. 

He enjoys breast milk as his main source of nutrition, but we’ve started introducing finger foods for times I need him occupied. He likes banana, Cheerios, black beans, broccoli, frozen peas, and shredded cheese.  He also likes apple sauce and quinoa. 
Tomorrow he is having his hernia repaired. I’m anxious, an…

Phrases Abounding

Do you ever come across a phrase you've never heard before and then start to hear it over and over?

Is it that you never heard it or that you never listened for it?

I don't know the answer to that, but I do know that I have had a phrase shared with me in different settings three times in the last three weeks, and I know without a doubt that God is speaking to me.
He is speaking directly to my heart.

I can't say that I've ever heard him quite this clearly before, so it's taken me a little off guard.

Root of Bitterness

That phrase has shown up two weeks in a row during our Wednesday morning Bible study lesson. I think those were the first two times that I had heard it used.

The third was during my prayer last night from Thirty-One Prayers for My Husband, the book set that The Husband and I have been doing together.

just.  whoa.


Ok, God. I'm listening.

And, it's gotten me thinking.

Often it seems that God gets our attention before or right as somet…

Oliver Flynn - 10 Months Old

Oliver is 10 months old today!
He still has the sweetest disposition. He gives open-mouth kisses willingly and often.  He says “mama,” “dada,” and “buhbuh” but doesn’t really direct them at anyone in particular.  He scoots but doesn’t crawl yet. He’s so close though. He tries to pull up on us but not on anything else. Thankfully!   He has two teeth.  His eyes are still brilliantly blue.  His grin is infectious.  He squeals and chuckles and babbles and keeps us all entertained.  He takes two long naps a day and often a cat nap in the late afternoons.  He sleeps around 11 hours every night without waking.  He nurses 5 or 6 times a day and has tried a few finger foods but doesn’t eat solids on a regular basis. He likes shredded cheese, bites of potato off my spoon, Cheerios, and a few tiny pieces of apple. He did not like the baked carrots and vomited them right up. It was gross.  He’s a dream doll-baby, and we adore him wildly 😍

Oliver Flynn - 9 Months Old

This is a day late.
Because I'm having to type this on my phone, and yesterday was a rough day here with 3/5 of us being sick.  Anywho, onto this handsome fella  Oliver Flynn, you are 9 months and one day old today. 
You are a rolling machine, and we find you under chairs all of the time. 

You sit up like a champ, and you're trying to crawl. 
You say "buh," shake your head "no," and still charm us with your squeals and chuckles and spit-throwing raspberries. 
You have an infectious grin that has us all grinning with you. 
You nuzzle and give "kisses," the wet, open-mouth slobbery-kind. You have zero teeth still, but there are some definite bumps happening in your bottom gums. 
You tried a few Cheerios the other day, and you didn't hate them. No solids so far (other than the few spoonfuls of applesauce I let you try about a month ago). Your pincer grasp isn't quite there yet. I'll let you try a few more Cheerios here and there to help y…