Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oliver Flynn - 6 Months Old

Olli is 6 months old today, and we can't believe he's been with us only half a year! It feels like he's been a part of our family always and forever.

He's growing and changing in all the best ways. 
He's got the sweetest personality, always smiling and squealing.
He's a great sleeper for his three daily naps, and he rests well at night (from 7pm-ish to 7am-ish) with me waking him around 10:30 for one feed. He nurses 6 times a day still, and I enjoy our quiet times together. He wears 9 month onesies and shirts, but those 9 month shorts are long on his short little legs, haha!
He's close to sitting on his own, but he still tips over within 5 seconds ;)
He loves to do his "baby crunches," and I know that means rolling everywhere won't be far behind. 
He enjoys hearing stories and telling us all about them as we read. 
He gurgles and squeals and coos and chuckles.
He's so stinking delightful. 💙

Sunday, June 11, 2017

To Jack-With Love on Your 4th Birthday

Crazy, sweet, often-disobedient, loving Jack, you are 4 years old today. 

You greet each day with silliness and laughter and loudness with your sister. 

You test the boundaries and break all of the rules. 

You have made tremendous strides in your speech this year and now talk our ears off all.  day.  long. 

You love your people, and your people love you. 

You are wild and adventurous.  Smart and creative. 
You know how to count to 20, but always skip 15. 
You know the alphabet, and you enjoy being read to and "reading" to yourself. 
You love to sing the books of the New Testament song, and you enjoy learning about people in the Bible, especially Jesus. 


You love to eat, and eating at a restaurant makes your day.  Grandpa and Nana took us out to eat for your birthday today at your favorite place, and you were a picture of grins as you and Daddy and Ella watched the boats out on the river and played washers and ran around and as Nana and Grandpa and Oliver and me all stood around sweating haha!

As we sat munching on our food, you turned to me and said, "Mommy, this is the best birthday ever."  Simple things make you happy. On the way home, you said to no one in particular, "Today is my birthday, and I got all these things.  A new chair, new books, and a new meal at the restaurant!!"
I hope simple things always bring you delight.


You don't get our undivided attention often, and you crave it, so I'm almost glad (almost) that you've given up naps so that you and I can spend some time together (I am glad, however, that you go to bed earlier now, haha ;)).

You can be such a sweet, affectionate little guy, and I hope you retain that sweetness in this sometimes-harsh world.  My boy, I hope you see the beauty in each day and the gift that it is.  I hope you also know that you are such a gift to Daddy and me, and we thank God for letting us be your parents. 

Four years ago today, you made us parents. 
You came into this world and made ours lives completely and utterly different and completely and utterly perfect.  We love you.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Oliver Flynn - 5 Months Old

This little dude turned 5 months old today, and it snuck up on me! Time flies when you're falling in love, and we have all fallen head over heals for this guy.
Oliver smiles and coos and squeals so often that when he does cry, it almost breaks our hearts. 
He has zero interest in rolling. He will stay on his belly for a little while without fussing, but he mostly loves being upright and getting to see the world around him. He coos with delight when I lift him off his blanket and nuzzles my neck and face like I've just given him a gift. 
The drooling has begun! Poor baby, it soaks the fronts of his onesies if we're not paying attention. It doesn't seem to bother him so far, though. He loves his hands and fingers and sucks/gnaws on them constantly. 
He sleeps through the night most nights and nurses around 6 times a day in a 24 hour period. He takes two long naps and one to two short ones each day, and he wakes happy from almost all of them. We've got a pretty good routine going, and he's fit right into our family with very few hiccups. 
He's pretty darn wonderful, and I'm happy to share my 4th Mother's Day with him 💙
As a comparison, here are the three of them all at 5 months 💚❤️💙

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thankful Thursday (5/11)

Two weeks ago, I had an ARD meeting about Jack's progress with speech. He's been going twice a week for thirty minutes since September. He loves his sweet teacher, and he has made so much progress that he no longer qualifies for assistance.
Here he is with his teacher last September. 
And, here they are today. He hasn't been back in a couple of weeks, but we wanted to take her a small gift to thank her for all of her help and to say "goodbye!"  
Jack asked her to eat his favorite bar 😂. He was only slightly disappointed she didn't rip right into that sucker and chow down like he does hahaha! Anyway, we are very thankful for her and wish her all the best! 
I'm thankful for Jack's improved speech, too. 

While I was out running errands this morning, I picked up a three-pack of spray bottles. The kids have had the best time playing with theirs this afternoon.  I'm thankful for inexpensive fun. 
My organic porch garden is making progress :)
We've had cucumbers for weeks now, and the zucchini is finally doing something. My peppers and tomatoes and carrots have done squat :( I am thankful, though, for free veggies that our entire family enjoys!
This boy remains the sweetest and happiest baby I know. 💙
I'm thankful I get to spend so much with him :)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Oliver Flynn - 4 Months Old

Somehow the last 4 months have just flown by!
This little guy is just as delightful as ever.  I love his expression, mostly because he rarely fusses, so this picture is just showing off his cute facial expressions  😂

He has brought such joy to our lives, and we wonder what we ever did without him.
He is all sweetness and coos and squeals, and we so adore him. 💙
A side note - We're on standby as to what we're going to do about his hernia/hydrocele, but we are trusting and praying that God will heal it before we head back to see the pediatric urologist in 6 months. Your prayers for our wee chunky monkey are appreciated!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Oliver Flynn - 3 Months Old

Olli is 3 months old today.
He has fit into our family so perfectly, which has been such an answer to prayer. 
He's vocal in all the best and sweetest ways. 
He takes four naps a day: the first two are between 2 and 3 hours, the third is usually an hour to an hour and a half, and his last one is right around 45 minutes. He nurses around 7 times a day and has been doing a great job of going from about 10:30 to right around 6 without waking to nurse. 
He rarely cries, and when he does, it's usually in short bursts to get our attention. He stops almost immediately when we go get him out of bed and smiles or coos with excitement to see us. The only time he fusses when he's out of bed is when he's getting tired, and I've missed his sleepy cues. 
He's still a champ at rolling from his belly to his back and shows no interest in doing the reverse. He's doing a great job of holding his head up with minimal assistance. 

He's so lovely. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

This is 34

Yesterday was my birthday.
I woke up expecting a card and maybe a gift. 
What I got was SO much better. 
I did get a card (with a wonderfully-thoughtful handwritten note of appreciation and love from The Husband--there may have been a few tears when I read it later), and he gave me a French vanilla frappucino and some pastries he'd picked up on the way home from work. 
But what he told me as he gave me those things was pretty darn amazing:  while I took Oliver to the doctor, he and the children would be cleaning the house. And they did. He continued cleaning well into the afternoon while the kids and I played outside. We ordered take-out from Cheddars and had a quiet dinner together as a family at home. 
The reason he chose to clean on my birthday was so that today, when he took Jack and Ella on errands and fun adventures, he didn't want me to have to clean. He wanted me to do whatever I wanted. So I did! While Oliver slept, I took a shower this morning. Then, I ate spinach dip and chips for lunch and didn't have to fix lunch for ANYONE else! I folded a basket of laundry because I wanted to. I snuggled the baby and we enjoyed the cool breeze outside. Then, when the three of them came back from adventuring (park, mall, lunch), he read them stories and got them down for naps. And, I went to get a pedicure. A heavenly pedicure gifted to me by my momma before the baby was born. The Husband knew my heart and heard my love language loud and clear this year. These two days have been the BEST gift he's ever given me, and he has truly served with a servant's heart: out of love. ❤
Now, as I sit here on my couch in my very quiet house (it's almost eerily quiet...) while he and the kids visit a bookstore and the baby sleeps again (he fought sleep HARD while I got my toes done 😔), I'm writing this post. No interruptions. No needs to be met. Noses (or bottoms) to be wiped. Laundry to be washed (because I think our washing machine is broken 😳). No dishes to be loaded (they're clean). Just rest and thoughts being typed out. And then, when I hit "publish," I'll pull out my Bible study that's been so neglected this last week, and I will read and study and reflect until they come home. 
Something I've reflected on a lot the last two days has been how I see myself. I rarely take pictures of myself, and when I do, I take 20 to find that one that looks "decent."  But I'm always taking pictures of the kids and The Husband. Why is that? Is that a common "mom" thing? I don't want my kids looking back at this blog when they're older and wondering where I was. 
So, new year new me.  I'll be here, flaws and all. This is the year of the selfie for me. 
And, for better or worse, I will document me just as much as I document those I love. Because I matter, too. 
This is 34.