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Imperfectly lovely

Oh blog world...I've missed you.
*Well* that's not really an accurate statement.
 I truly have missed writing, but I have been so busy with real life things--you know, like spending loads of time with the husband and loving it, teaching and doing several other jobs at the school, cooking meals (hey now, lower those raised eyebrows a notch, will ya?), cleaning, doing laundry, reorganizing, reading, worshiping, studying, singing, and completely enjoying this season of life I'm in right now--that I just haven't found the time to blog.
But, I want to be better about it.  I want to have a record of this season.  I want to be able to look back years from now, and remember both the precious and the trying times.  I want to be thankful for both.  Those precious times are moments of peace in our marriage, and I relish them.  The trying moments, those moments where we struggle, are times that we hate being in but ones that we learn so much from.
It's hard.
Marriage is hard…