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These days

Well hello there!
I can't remember the last time I sat down to look at this blog or to post anything.  These first few weeks of school have been hectic but oh-so-lovely.  I am fully enjoying being the librarian at our school.  I love my library.  Oops, did I say my? I meant our :)  I am having such a nice time introducing the students to the library, giving "the tour" of  biographies and reference books and fiction and non-fiction (you know how I love to give tours!), reading and discussing books with them, and serving the school body in whatever way I can.  It's hectic.  And crazy.  And exhausting--I've now had all eighteen classes in the library, plus an assortment of upper school kiddos and parents and teachers.  Y'all, it's wonderful!
The library itself is slowly coming together.  The online book catalog is not quite up to par yet, and I've still got piles of books to tape and barcode and input.  But I think it looks nice so far!  I didn't wan…