Appointments and Playtime

Today, Ella had her 2-week checkup. She's gained 7 ounces since she was released from the hospital! She's also grown almost half an inch. 
I took this one before we left. 

While The Bestie took Ella and me to the appointment (Thank you!), my sister and my niece watched Jack. He loves his new room and the freedom he has in there, and he kept them on their toes as he explored! Thank you, Ladies, for loving on my boy :)

While Jack and I were eating dinner tonight, I put Ella in the swing.  At one point, while Jack was crying and making a ruckus because he was cranky, I looked over and saw this. 
My sister reminded me that I did that, too, when I was a baby.  She did that for a good 30 minutes and continued even after I picked her up. 

Busy day. 

Tired, but happy momma. 

Fingers crossed as I remove the bandages on my incision tonight in the shower. Hoping the warm, soapy water does the trick!


  1. So glad little Ella is growing well. Also, glad Jack C. loves his new room. How wonderful that Kelli, Beth and Emma were able to help you yesterday. Maybe Emma could come some days to play with Jack and give you a little relief. Love you.


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