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To Ella-With Love on Your 3rd Birthday

Happy birthday, Ella Hope!
We celebrated with mugcake and fruit for breakfast at your request. 

We had lunch with two of your favorite people and had a laid-back afternoon of watching The Lorax (which you throughly enjoyed) and playing outside (which you also enjoyed).   You and I stayed up later than the boys reading book after book. "One more book, Mommy" is your mantra each night, and I usually give in because this time of the day is the only time that you and I have one-on-one togetherness. And I like to soak it all up. 
You are a jewel with a few rough edges that God is smoothing out each new year of your life. You are dramatic and gentle.  You are imaginative and loving.  You are a fighter and a dreamer. You love those around you fiercely and you declare your love boldly.  You make me smile one moment and want to scream in the next. 
You are crazy and wonderful and girly and tom-boyish all in one little package wrapped with braids and usually a big bow. 
You are our Ella-Bella…

Oliver Flynn - 6 Months Old

Olli is 6 months old today, and we can't believe he's been with us only half a year! It feels like he's been a part of our family always and forever.

He's growing and changing in all the best ways.  He's got the sweetest personality, always smiling and squealing. He's a great sleeper for his three daily naps, and he rests well at night (from 7pm-ish to 7am-ish) with me waking him around 10:30 for one feed. He nurses 6 times a day still, and I enjoy our quiet times together. He wears 9 month onesies and shirts, but those 9 month shorts are long on his short little legs, haha! He's close to sitting on his own, but he still tips over within 5 seconds ;) He loves to do his "baby crunches," and I know that means rolling everywhere won't be far behind.  He enjoys hearing stories and telling us all about them as we read.  He gurgles and squeals and coos and chuckles. He's so stinking delightful. 💙

To Jack-With Love on Your 4th Birthday

Crazy, sweet, often-disobedient, loving Jack, you are 4 years old today. 

You greet each day with silliness and laughter and loudness with your sister. 

You test the boundaries and break all of the rules. 

You have made tremendous strides in your speech this year and now talk our ears off all.  day.  long. 

You love your people, and your people love you. 

You are wild and adventurous.  Smart and creative. 
You know how to count to 20, but always skip 15. 
You know the alphabet, and you enjoy being read to and "reading" to yourself. 
You love to sing the books of the New Testament song, and you enjoy learning about people in the Bible, especially Jesus. 

You love to eat, and eating at a restaurant makes your day.  Grandpa and Nana took us out to eat for your birthday today at your favorite place, and you were a picture of grins as you and Daddy and Ella watched the boats out on the river and played washers and ran around and as Nana and Grandpa and Oliver and me all…