Swaddles, Sickness, and C-Sections

This little girl, at only 8 days old, has figured out how to break out of the snuggest swaddle.

She usually gets one out right off the bat before falling asleep, and then as she's moving in her sleep, she manages to get the other one out. 

So, I broke out the Woombie. 
Y'all this is the neatest thing. She's swaddled and cozy, but there's no way for her to break out of it! This one is made for babies weighing 5-13lbs, and she's a little under 5lbs right now, but it worked wonders last night and during naps.  Love it!  We ordered two more, haha. 

This little boy is still feelin crummy (although he stays pretty content as long as someone's with him), but he was MUCH more interested in his baby sister today. He constantly went over to the cradle to see her or try to touch her. 

I went for my follow-up appointment today. I've lost 13 or 14 pounds so far. He said my c-section incision looks good and that the bandages can come off next week. He wants to do a ct scan in the coming weeks to make sure I have two kidneys since people with my uterine abnormality often only have one working kidney. 
Ella came along for the visit and stayed sound asleep the whole time in my dad's company. 


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