Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Container Gardening

My backyard garden, with then exception of a couple of handfuls of cucumbers and strawberry plants that are still alive, bit the dust early on last summer. We had a VERY rainy summer early on that caused bad things to happen to my cucumber plants, and then an almost drought at the end of the summer. My bell peppers produced maybe 4 peppers. It was very disappointing.

I decided to try out container gardening this year on my front porch since we spend so much time out in the front yard. I'll be more likely to take care of things right in front of my nose. Hopefully. 

I ordered heirloom seeds online (because GMOs and non-organic seeds = yuck). They arrived last week :)

This morning, after Jack's speech lesson, the kids and I met up with my dad at the local feed store.  I found two 16 gallon containers to get us started and a couple of bags of organic soil. 
Dad grabbed his drill and headed to our house to drill drainage holes in the containers. Jack helped :)
We crumpled up newspapers to line the bottom, and the kids added a few broken sticks for good measure. 
Then the fun task of filling them up with soil began. The kids were good helpers, especially Jack. He filled his with very little assistance.
Finally, we planted some seeds in an egg carton to get them started. They'll stay outside on nice days and inside on cold ones until the last frost hits our area, and then they'll be transplanted outside. Those big containers will hold cucumbers, sunflowers, and bell peppers. I'll be getting some smaller containers for cherry tomatoes, carrots, and zucchini. 
By this point, we'd been outside working for over an hour, and it was well past lunchtime. I hustled the kids in to watch a show, and I downed 20 ounces of Hydrate to replenish what I'd lost and to keep me going. 
Lunch was fixed and kids were put down for naps. And then Olli woke up 😂
No rest for Momma, but it was a fun morning!

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Well it was a little chilly today, so I got away with dressing them in these shirts I had made months ago. 
Getting these mostly-okay shots was trying. I have LOTS of "outtakes" haha. 
A gal from my parents' church made them for me after I showed her an example of what I wanted, and I ordered the plain grey shirts and onesie from primary.com. 
Anyway, they turned out pretty cute :)
I'll probably try again in a few weeks if the weather is cool enough. 
That boy 💙
These kids 💚💙❤

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oliver Flynn - 1 Month Old

I tried getting his one month picture before nursing him after he woke this afternoon. Silly me. My generally-content baby was having none of that. 
So we nursed. 
And he was pleasant once more. 
This is his very first time to wear a cloth diaper. Whoop whoop! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oliver - 4 Weeks Old

I'll do a one month official post for him in a few days, but I did want to say that it's been officially 4 weeks since he entered this world of ours. 
He's still so tiny, but I'll have his updated weight and other stats by the time I write the next post. 
Oh, how we love him. 💙

Monday, January 9, 2017

Breathing and Not Washing My Hair

I haven't washed my hair in over a week.
Possibly longer. 
I've lost track. 

It's not that I enjoy having dirty hair. 
Or even that showering isn't a big deal to me. 
I'm a pretty cleanliness-conscientious person. 
Ask my husband.  I believe in bathing every. single. day. 

But these days are wiping me out. 
So much so that lifting my arms to scrub my scalp when I finally manage to get in the shower at the end of the day just doesn't seem worth it. 
So I don't. 

I still bathe. I'm not that far gone. 
But, the rest of my 20-30 minute shower is spent standing under the scalding spray of wonderfulness. 
Just standing. 

Because I am stinking worn out. 

I do pretty well during the day, considering I'm getting roughly 4 hours of scattered sleep each night, mostly because of this guy. 
But, I get to about 7:30pm each night, and my brain and body jointly say to me, "Okay, Friend. Time for bed! Skedaddle on in there and tuck us in." 

And while I'd like to oblige my weary body and sleep-deprived brain, I have toddlers. 
And toddlers fight sleep to the bitter end. 
So, after said toddlers are in bed and have finally succumbed to dreamland, I wearily head to the bathroom and to the lovely hot shower awaiting me. 
That is, if the baby has been fed and is asleep. 
If not, he gets my attention next. 
But usually by 9:30, I've finally made it in there. 

And that is MY time. That's truly my only me-time. Every other minute of the waking day is spent with one or two or three children. And that's how it should be. 

And, every momma in this known world will nod their heads in agreement, as much as we adore our children, as much as we believe that being with them and teaching them and loving on them and molding them is the right and good thing to do, sometimes we just want to lock ourselves in a room with a shower going full blast and not think about anyone or anything else. 
And just breathe. 

So that's what I do. 
I stand there. 
And. I. Just. Breathe.