Two Things Tuesday (7/15)

1.  Last night, following my doctor's instructions, I removed the bandages/tape from my c-section incision. 
Holy crap. 
I was taking a nice warm/hot shower, I bathed and shaved, and then I made sure the tape was good and wet. I began removing it strip by strip. 
After I had removed half of them, I noticed that they were getting harder to remove and that it was pretty painful. 
I had one or two left when I began feeling lightheaded. 
I toughed it out and ripped off the last one. I tried to look at the incision. BIG mistake. Waves of nausea hit me, and I began to black out. 
I got out of the shower and sat down, taking deep breaths. 
I managed to stand up just long enough to make it to my bed before dizziness took me. I fell asleep and woke an hour later feeling a little better. But, I honestly can't look at it or touch it without feeling a little queasy. 
I know I should appreciate, if not love, this incision, this soon-to-be scar, because it's a reminder of my daughter's precious life, but I don't. At least not yet. Right now, it's just ugly and a little tender on the outside (a lot tender on the inside), and I just hate that her birth came about in such a traumatic fashion. Nonetheless, it's there. And, I'll have it for the rest of my life. 
Yes, I took a picture. It's not pretty, but I'm hoping I can look back on this in the future and see a big difference. 

2.  We are slowly, slowly getting things put away at our house. My friend Angela came over and offered her services for a while today. She's been sooo helpful! Her box cutter has come in handy, too ;)
Anywho, maybe I'll post a picture or two tomorrow of the rooms coming together. 
I'll leave you with a shot of Ella, so you aren't still thinking of the picture above ;)


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