A Sunday Evening

I actually fixed a meal tonight, and the three of us sat down as a family and ate. This was new because The Husband usually isn't home during dinner. And, it's different because I haven't felt up to doing anything other than make a sandwich. 
Jack had some frozen peas, peaches, frozen blueberries, and some of the mac and cheese I fixed. I opted out of giving him the asparagus this time around. :)
He LOVED the mac and cheese. He shoved whole handfuls into his mouth. He was pretty gross by the end of the meal haha ;)

Since The Husband was home this evening, I was able to take a shower before 10 o'clock for a change. Here are two of my loves snuggling. 

When I got out, she was wide awake and ready to eat :). She's so very sweet. And noisy. But mostly sweet!


  1. So glad y'all had a peaceful Sunday evening. It's great that you are feeling like fixing a meal! Love you.


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