Five Facts Friday (7/11)

1.  I wrote this whole post and forgot to hit "save."  So, now I'm trying to remember what I wrote. Ugh.

2.  How is it Friday already?! This week has flown by since Ella and I left the hospital on Sunday.  She has been such a sweet addition.  Mostly her schedule is sleep, nurse, repeat.  However, the last few days she's been opening her eyes more and taking in what she can see of her surroundings, so she and I have enjoyed having a little "wake time". But, this is what I have the pleasure of seeing most of the time. The sleepy newborn stage is so pleasant ;)

3.  Jack. Oh, Jack. 
He's really having a hard time getting back into a routine.  He really enjoyed the freedom and attention he had while I was gone, and he's not giving that up without a fight. We'll get there though. I'm thinking as soon as we've gotten his new room mostly ready, he can come have independent playtime in his room to start getting used to being in there. He and I did start having some learning time together yesterday, and he did so well. I'm currently investigating other fun, educational toddler ideas, so if you have any (that are free or cheap!), send 'em my way!

4.  My Uncle Larry and Aunt Jan sent Jack and Ella the cutest, softest stuffed animals!  Jack's is a puppy, and he was giving it hugs and dragging it around with him yesterday. He also enjoyed unpacking and repacking the tissue paper in the box they came in :)

(That one is Ella's cow.)

5.  I recently read two blog posts on raising Irish twins. This one and this one. Since my kiddos are almost Irish twins (18 days shy, darn!!), I found such reassurance in reading what those gals had to say. I'm thankful people share their experiences online like that. And, I can truly say that so far, I am very much loving being the mommy of my two little ones :D


  1. My sister and I are nearly Irish twins. We were born 13 months apart. Mom said that she was glad that she had us so close together. She felt that it offered many more benefits than challenges.

    1. That's neat, Kathy!
      Right now is one of those challenges. Jack has decided he'd rather cry than nap.


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