Thankful Thursday (8/22)

Today, I'm thankful for The Husband. 

Of course, I think he's handsome and funny and strong and brave. 

But, these are the things I'm most thankful for...

He is my partner in life, and I trust him.

He can say just a few words and make me believe I'm beautiful. Even when I know I'm looking particularly unkempt. Or slightly horrific. Or falling to pieces (which, as of late, feels like often).

Currently, he's working tirelessly to get the condo ready to sell.  Mostly by himself. He's sanded and scrubbed and painted and moved heavy objects. He met with the realtor. 

He's making a plan to provide for us the best way he can.  I know God's going to clear a path for him to be able to do so. 

He loves us with his whole heart. 

He is a wonderful husband and a GREAT father. 


  1. We are proud to call him son-in-law!! Yes, God will continue to provide and lead Spencer to the perfect job. Love you.


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