Two Things Tuesday (8/6)

1. Jack-Jack is 8 weeks old today. 

According to my mom's scale, he weighs 11.5 pounds. 
He's been going through a growth spurt. Lots of nursing and very sleepy. Until yesterday. Yesterday, he had trouble napping, and then we saw our first "witching hour" incident--he was up from 4:30pm until after 9.  He was so exhausted from being overtired that he had the hardest time going to sleep. He fought it tooth and nail. He's fought sleep before, but never like that. It was hard to listen to. We all took turns trying to soothe him, but he was just so upset. Nursing helped, but once he was in bed, he'd startle himself each time he'd start to doze off.  Poor guy.  He also had to be swaddled again and again. He's way to persistent when it comes to getting those arms loose! We certainly had an interesting night-- I'm hoping for a better day. 

2. The Husband has an interview at 10:00 this morning. 

It's with a really impressive company.  We like what they stand for, and we both believe they would be a wonderful company to be a part of.  We've got lots of people praying :)


  1. You know our prayers are for a wonderful outcome to Spencer's interview. Love you.

  2. I think that boy likes to have his arms free. :D I know I still sleep with my hands up under my chin. (Mom says I slept that way when I was little too.)

  3. I think that boy likes to sleep with his hands free. I still sleep with my hands up under my chin (slept that way when I was little). :D

    1. He does love to have them free, but he wakes himself up when they are :(
      I can just picture you sleeping with your hands under your chin! Cute!

  4. I just wanted to tell you that I'm keeping you in my thoughts and I hope everything comes through. I know it's tough right now but we all know what 'they' say.

    With Ivy, she loved sleeping on her tummy. We'd constantly get up and put her on her back and never got any sleep. But once we left her alone, it was peaceful getting a full night sleep because she was comfortable.

    1. Thank you, Lena!
      When did y'all start putting her on her tummy? He's not rolling over yet, and I know the SIDS prevention recommendation is to wait until they can roll.

    2. I believe she was 4 months old at the time and she was definitely rolling over on her own.

    3. Ok thanks! I'm sure he'll be much happier when he can sleep on his tummy!


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