Thankful Thursday (8/29)

Today, I'm thankful for grandparents.

The Husband lost his grandpa today, and he loved him very much.

Jack has two wonderful sets of grandparents!  They love him beyond words and lavish him with hugs and kisses and kind words whenever they're around him. How blessed we are, and I know those grandparents will leave a remarkable impact on his life!  Jack will always know he's loved, just as I always knew my grandparents loved me. 

My maternal grandparents lived in my hometown, so I saw them pretty regularly. I spent days and nights at their house often, especially during the summer months. I have such sweet memories of them. Going on afternoon walks with Grammy. Playing in the refrigerator box that Papa had turned into a playhouse in their living room. Making mud pies on their back patio. Helping Grammy shell peas. Watching Papa draw in his home office.  Having tea with Grammy and her friends, the nuns, who came to visit.  Laughing with Papa at the silliness of soap operas.  Sitting quietly with Grammy as she quilted. 

My paternal grandparents lived about 5 hours away, so I really only got to see them a couple of times a year--in the summers and at Christmas. I ALWAYS looked forward to seeing them. And, I have lovely memories of them, as well.  Marveling that I had an inhaler like Grandpa.  Sitting with Grandma as she worked on crossword puzzles.  Driving up to their house and seeing Grandpa shelling pecans on the front porch.  Playing card games with Grandma late into the night.  Walking with Grandpa in his garden and seeing the orange cat that seemed to think he belonged to them.  Getting to sleep in Grandma's room with her because she knew I'd be lonely. 

They're all gone now. Grandpa, first, when I was a little girl. Grandma, next.  Papa and Grammy my third year of teaching.  
But, I can still hear their voices. 
I can still see their faces. 
I can still feel their love. 

They were loving, kind, generous grandparents, and they left an incredible legacy. What a blessing!  

And, that's the kind of grandparent I'm thankful for today. 


  1. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. It is difficult to lose someone so dear. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  2. Yes, sweetheart, you were very blessed to have four of the sweetest grandparents any child could have. I am so glad you have all of those very special memories of each of them. We hope we will have that kind of impact on sweet little Jack Campbell's life. We are so very sorry for Spencer's loss of his grandfather - we hope he will be comforted by his memories. Love you.


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