Two Months!


You are 2 months old today! 

You weigh 12 pounds. 

You rarely cry during diaper changes or when going down for a nap (sometimes you cry when you wake up mid-nap and have trouble falling back to sleep). 

You have the sweetest, craziest, funniest facial expressions. 

You've started to interact with the world around you by cooing, by batting at things (though it's probably not on purpose most times), and by being aware of the lights and colors you see and sounds you hear (you cried so hard when Daddy sneezed the other day!)

(Sometimes you are so sleepy after eating that you even sleep through getting your nose suctioned out!)

We love you more today than we thought possible!


  1. We love him, too. Isn't it amazing when you are near total exhaustion and aren't sure what is up and what is down, that you can look at his sweet little face and forget all that tiredness (well, at least a little of it)! He is truly a gift from God. Love you.


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