Thankful Thursday(8/15)

Today, I'm thankful for a growing little boy.

His two-month well-baby visit was this afternoon.

He weighs 12 pounds and is 22 inches long. Looks good!

He is doing really well, and we're really pleased with his pediatrician (here in my parents' town).  He's on board with us (& even recommended) delaying vaccines. It was nice not having to explain our decision on that subject, and it was even nicer having a doctor back us up. 

Jack refused to nap before our appointment, so as we waited he got a little fussy. He nursed and then fell asleep while we chatted with his doctor. Although, he's been fighting a few naps recently, he usually sighs/coos with contentment when I put him down to rest. It's pretty cute. And, it makes the sleep-training these last few weeks worth it. 

I'm so thankful for a snuggly, super-sweet, healthy, growing, learning, cooing, smiling, tongue-sticking-out little boy. 


  1. We're so very grateful that little Jack Campbell is growing and healthy. Sure glad his well-baby check up went so great!! Love you.

  2. Glad to see that little Jack is growing and is healthy.

    I respect your decision to delay vaccinations. Whatever the reasons are for the delay, I hope you choose to vaccinate eventually as there are several vaccinations that I would encourage you to get. One is the RotoVirus vaccine. My friend's daughter had it and it is HORRIBLE! She caught the RotoVirus when she was 3 months old and had to be put on a special $500/month formula. My friend could no longer breast-feed her as the virus had really messed up her little tummy. It lasted for a couple of months.

    Also, don't know if you saw this, but the Texas health department issued a Measles alert just recently due to an outbreak:

    Again, I do respect your decision as it is yours to make and it is your child. I just thought I'd pass along some information for whatever it is worth!

    Take care!

    1. Thanks, Tina :). We're simply delaying immunizations. He will receive many of them, but we're spreading them out.


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