Five Facts Friday (8/23)

1.  The gal we bought our table and chairs from on Facebook (hey Rhonda!) gave us two more chairs. For free!  We now have 6 chairs, which means we can have three guests over :). Whoo hoo!

Excuse the computer monitor and other miscellaneous junk. We're currently looking for a really inexpensive but decently-made desk to house the computer :)

2. My mom went with the kids and me to drop off some of my clothes at a local consignment shop. It's SUPER cute in there with lots of really nice clothes and house things. It's very boutique-y. :). I will definitely be shopping there first the next time I need something to wear. 

3. Now that Jack is walking, he needs some shoes. We got him a cute pair at another consignment shop, and he looks too adorable trying to walk in them :). Imagine a high-stepping horse. 

4.  While there, my mom got Ella two very pretty outfits!  I can't wait for her to wear them. Now, I just need to find some cute headbands that will fit her!

5.  And, this. 

I took this and didn't even realize it until I was scrolling through the several I snapped earlier. I don't even have words. But, I can't believe I caught that face. I didn't see him make it; I was probably focusing on keeping him from yanking her over or stabbing a finger in her eye, ear, or mouth. 
I love them. 


  1. So excited you got two more chairs for free!!!!! That was very, very nice of Rhonda. :) I had fun helping you find things for Jack and Ella, and, yes, the way he was walking in his new shoes was priceless!!! The picture you captured of the two of them on the floor is beyond adorable. How do I get it from FB to my computer? I want to print this one. Love you.


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