Independent playtime is a staple around here. It's how I spend one-on-one time with Ella. Or how I get things accomished. Or how I just have some time to breathe. 
During his playtime this afternoon, I decided to see what he was up to. I happened to catch a little bit on camera :) This video is just a peek at Jack during his playtime.  Yes, I filmed under the door :). 

A little background: this was 30+ minutes in, and he had wooden blocks, a wooden puzzle, a stuffed animal, and a few odd, small toys that were in the attached basket on the side of the playpen. I change out the toys each time; I have them pre-sorted in bins, so all I have to do is grab a bin. He's listening to Mozart, but that's not the only music he listens to during playtime. This morning he listened to Bob and Larry's Campfire Songs (LOVE that CD!). Tomorrow, he might listen to his Sesame Street CD and some praise and worship songs. 

A typical Jack day looks like this. It's a schedule, so X out now if those bore you ;)

7:15 wake, drink milk, eat breakfast

8:00 independent playtime in his room 

8:45-9:00 (some days he is still happily playing when the 45 minutes is up, so I'll let him have another 15 minutes) clean up toys; he's good at cleaning up as long as I tell him where to put things

9:00 one-on-one playtime with me

9:30 nap

11:30 milk and lunch 

12:00 flash cards in high chair while I eat lunch 

12:30 playtime in the living room and kitchen while I clean up; we might also go outside for a little while during this time

1:30 winding down; he's usually getting tired, so I'll have him choose books, and we'll snuggle and read 

2:00 nap

3:45-4:00 milk

4:00 independent playtime 

5:00 clean up toys and keep me company while I fix dinner

5:30 dinner

6:15 play with The Husband when he's not in class or working

6:45 bath time, milk, and bed by 7:15

The great thing about this is the routine. He knows what to expect. I know what to expect. There's no guess work involved. No trying to figure out how to keep him occupied. 

And, Ella? She fit right in, haha :). I feed her before he wakes in the morning, while he's playing independently, while he's napping both times, and once when he's with me in the living room (he's good about staying where I am for now!). Then, she gets fed after he's in bed and usually two times at night. Her routine is wake, eat, some awake time/tummy time, sleep, repeat. She's awake for usually no longer than an hour total (which includes eating) each cycle until the 8 o'clock feed. That one she goes straight back to bed after eating.  She's eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day (usually I have to wake her so I let it get closer to 3 hours) and then however long she'll sleep at night. I do wake her between 10:30pm and 11pm to nurse, and then I get some sleep :) 

So, that's what a day in our home looks like :) 


  1. Listening to Mozart - going to be the smartest little boy around!!!!! YAY for your schedules - children do like consistency!!!! Love you.


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