14 and 6

Jack is 14 months old today. 
He's currently napping. Whoo hoo!

A few things:
**Jack can follow simple directions well. 
He asserts his stubbornness ahem independence sometimes, but he really is doing a great job at obeying. 
**Jack understands soooo much. Truly it's astounding how much he grasps. 
**Jack refuses to speak. He will babble a little, but mostly he just wants to squeal or say "uh uh" and point at things he either wants or things he wants you to tell him about. 
**Jack plays twice a day by himself in his room (in his playpen). Each time, he plays for 30 minutes to almost an hour. I have baskets of toys, and I'll choose a basket for him to have in the playpen with him. He listens to music while he's in there.  He has begun leaning how to help me clean up the toys he's been playing with.
**Jack loves to look out the windows and watch the world. He gets eapecially excited when he sees someone he knows. 
**Jack answers to "Monkey" by me and "Buddy" by his dad. 
**Jack usually takes two good naps a day and shows me his bed when he wants to lie down. 
**Jack likes to pretend he's shy, feed the person sitting next to him, clap his hands, walk, and get your attention by any means necessary :)
**Jack will pick books to read and bring them to me. He often chooses the same 3 or 4 off the shelf and will sit on my lap while I read. He loves the farm ones the most right now. 
**UPDATE - Jack has started clicking his tongue today. :)

Ella is 6 weeks old (yesterday). 
She is also currently napping (yes, we all see what I've done with my quiet time. But in my defense, I also did dishes and started the laundry and ate breakfast). :)

A few things about Ella:
**Ella makes more grunting noises than any other baby I have been around. 
**Ella likes to be snuggled and loved on. 
**Ella likes to look around when she's awake (which is still quite rare). 
**Ella had her first tummy-time time today and did well. She lifted and turned her head. Then, she went to sleep. :)
**Ella has started wearing cloth diapers, and they are giant and adorable on her. 
**Ella has her mommy and dads wrapped around her teeny tiny finger. 
**Ella likes to sleep on her right side, and
if I haven't smushed a rolled up blanket next to her, she will roll onto her side. 
**Ella is sooo precious and gets kissed hundreds of times a day. 


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