Two Things Tuesday (8/19)

1.  The living room is coming along. Our pictures and crosses and curtains still need to be placed and hung, and the few remaining boxes of items need to either be moved upstairs or thrown/given away. At least it's livable, and it's a place where Jack can play. The bottom shelf of books is his shelf, and he enjoys pulling out books to bring to me to read to/look at with him. I've stored some of his toys under the coffee table (classy, right?), and  Ella's swing is in there until we have room elsewhere. 

2.  Speaking of Jack. Here are the many faces (and the wild hair) of Jack this morning. 


  1. Living room is definitely coming along and is looking very neat and orderly! OMG, what to say about Little Buddy?? Can he get any more adorable?? Love you.


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