Five Facts Friday (8/29)

1.  Ella is 2 months (or 8 weeks, 5 days) old today!

2.  Jack has a new tooth. It's a bottom left one. I didn't know he was cutting one until I saw it already poking halfway through Wednesday afternoon. 

3.  He started running fever yesterday. This was accompanied by several very yucky diapers. Seriously yucky. Then, he happily left me a "present" in the tub. First time for that. Truly disgusting. Those poor, poor bath toys...
As I was nursing Ella at 3 this morning, Jack woke crying. I asked The Husband to check on him. He was running fever and needed a diaper change. I finished with Ella and headed in to see if I could help with Jack. I gave him some Tylenol while The Husband took care of the diaper. Even though he didn't feel well, Jack was all smiles and babbles there in the dimly lit room. I was worried he wouldn't want to go back to sleep, so I got him a little bit of milk and sat with him in the rocker. I held him a little longer after he finished and then put him in bed. He slept fine the rest of the night, woke with no fever this morning, played for over an hour happily by himself, and is down for a nap. We'll see how he does the rest of the day.

4.  The Husband has 4 weeks of school left. Four! I'm so incredibly proud of how well he has done.  Now, he's filling out applications for local departments. There are only a few openings, so we've been praying that God will open a place for him soon. Your prayers are appreciated!

5.  Every morning, for the last couple of weeks, I've been reading my devotional out loud to Jack as he eats breakfast. Sometimes the passages were long, and there weren't any pictures to look at, and I thought about finding something else to read to him and just do my devotional later in the day. I remembered that someone had given us a copy of The Jesus Storybook Bible before he was born. It's precious, and I had heard great things about it. Anywho, I grabbed that off the shelf and started reading it to him this week. 
He. Loves. It!  
I keep in on the table, and every morning he's requested it by pointing at it and signing "more."  If I stop reading to give him a bite of food, he bounces in his chair and points to the book until I start reading again. I've read over 50 pages to him in 5 days. I highly recommend it for your little ones (or your big ones!). The pages have beautiful illustrations, and the story lines are simple but stay true to God's word. 



  1. So glad Jack is feeling better! And, how adorable does Ella look in her ruffles!!! Can't believe she has already hit the two month mark!! Jack's going to love reading one of these days because you are always reading to him. Good job, Mom!!! Love you.


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