Two Things Tuesday (8/5)

1.  This little lady weighs a whopping 6 pounds, 13 ounces. She's gained 1 pound, 1 ounce since we saw her doctor two weeks ago. 
My nicknames for her are Ella Bella, Miss Noisy Britches, and Stinky Pete. 
She gets the hiccups super often. 
She's a ridiculously noisy sleeper. And awaker. She pretty much makes grunting noises constantly with the occasional squeal thrown in when she's dreaming. 
She very rarely cries. 
She's losing her hair, and her scalp resembles an old man's receding hairline. 
She's so very precious. 

2.  Jack is walking more and more. He attempts it even without me asking him to now. He's very proud of himself. 
He also claps, gives "five," pretends to be shy, looks for items when asked to, gives hugs, shakes his head "no" but refuses to nod "yes," and is incredibly sweet. 
I ran out of memory on my phone, so I don't have a recent picture of him to post :(. 


  1. Ella is precious beyond words!! <3 Can't wait to see what her new hair looks like. :) Love you.


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