To Jack--With Love on Your 3rd Birthday

Hey Monkey!

You're three years old today, and we have spent the morning celebrating you :)
We dropped Ella off at Nana and Grandpa's house after we got ready for the day, and then you, Daddy, and I went to the park. We saw the ducks and played on the playground and swung on the swings. 
You even met a new friend! 
After a very hot and wonderful time of playing, we went to eat, and I think you enjoyed having our undivided attention.
And eating the food. 
Because it. was. yummy. 
We swung by to pick up Ella on our way home from a quick trip to the library for some new books, and you got to open your present from Nana and Grandpa. You thought it was super neat. Ella did, too, haha!  
You and Ella are napping, and I'm resting after our busy morning. I was looking back at my birthday post to you last year before writing this one, and I cannot believe how you have seemingly become a big boy overnight. 
You continue to be smart as a whip, and you are hilarious and loving.  
You and your sister have a sweet bond (you can go from hugging and holding hands to fighting over a toy like it's life or death), and she thinks you hung the moon. 
Every day you are growing and changing and learning more and more. You are fun to be around, and even though you challenge us and aren't quite as obedient as we'd like sometimes, we think you are such a neat little guy! 

You are pretty darn fantastic, Jack, and we are still so grateful that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy. 

Happy 3rd birthday, my boy! We love you bunches!
P. S. I have a few more birthday surprises for you when you wake from your slumber ;)


  1. Love all the pictures. Grandpa and I can't believe Jack is already 3!!! Seems like yesterday he was a babe in arms. We're glad you and Spencer had this morning to give him special attention. Ella was a sweetheart and she kept me and Grandpa busy!!! Love you.

    1. Thank you for keeping her entertained for us :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Jack! How time flies! Love and miss you guys!

    I used to have a dump truck just like that, and sitting in it was my favorite thing! When I got too big for that, I pushed myself around with one foot on it, pretending it was my "skateboard", instead. ;)


    1. It's such a neat dump truck! He's allowed to play with it outside, but we'll probably keep it in the garage so I stays in good shape.
      Love and miss you, too!


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