A Joint Celebration

We celebrated Jack's birthday (a week late) and Ella's birthday (11 days early) today with a few family members and friends. 
It was hot and humid, and I want to give those who endured the heat with us big, big props (especially our family and friends who drove in from out of town to help us celebrate)! 
The kids had so much fun, and they loved seeing everyone. They had a blast opening up their gifts. 
The food was delicious, and with a little help from Auntie Faith and Nonny, the cookie cups turned out yummy :)
It was a sweet summer party, and we're beat! :) The Husband and I are silently thanking the Good Lord for nap time, haha! 


  1. It was so fun to watch Jack and Ella's delight yesterday. Your dad and I feel privileged to be able to watch them grow and learn and experience the awe that small children have with each new discovery. The party was wonderful and everything looked great. Love you.

    1. Thanks for providing the sandwiches--they were so good!!


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