Summer Heat

It's only the end of June, and already the heat is stifling here southeast Texas. It's taking it out of me, and other than taking care of my family and our home, I have little energy for much else--including blogging. 

This morning, The Husband came home from work and found that our caterpillar-now-moth had emerged from its cocoon sometime during the night/early morning hours. It was flying so hard that it would shake the jar when it hit :/ It sure wasn't a pretty little fella, but it was a neat process to watch take place over the last few weeks. 
Anyway, we showed the kids, and the three of them released it before breakfast. 
This afternoon, when I went to get Ella from her room, Jack managed to reach up on the counter and found The Husband's razor. Yikes!! I caught him just as he started "cutting his hair like Daddy." But he still managed to remove quite a chunk. Thankfully that's all that happened :/. 
My cucumber plants finally kicked the bucket, and I did all I could to save them. The rains plus the mildew just defeated me. 
The kids played in the backyard this afternoon while I removed the dead plants and moved the cages to support my young spinach plants as they grow taller. 
I think I'll buy some more bell pepper plants to go where the cucumbers were. 
Doesn't the yard look sooo nice?!
The Husband worked hard in the brutal heat all morning mowing and weed-eating and cutting limbs. Thankful for him! :)


  1. How exciting your moth came out of the cocoon and the children were able to watch the metamorphosis and then release it. Such a wonderful learning experience. Wow, glad you got to Jack and the razor in time! The yard looks lovely; Spencer did a great job! I know what you mean about the heat - all I want to do is stay inside in the cool and work on my reunion scrapbook!!! Love you.


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