Two Things Tuesday (6/14)

1. Last Friday afternoon, Jack and I did an experiment with beans. He dipped cotton balls into water and put those with five different types of beans in a plastic bag. We hung it on the window to give the beans sunlight. 
Here they are four days later! So neat :)
Our caterpillar finally formed it's cocoon a few days ago. We check every day to see if anything has changed. 

2.  My in-laws have been in town since Sunday, and we've really enjoyed spending time with them. 
The kids have LOVED all of the attention. 


  1. I love the science experiments! Jack and Ella are learning so much about nature. I know they are loving having Sandra and Faith around. Hope you are getting lots of help. Love you.

    1. Faith has been a big help with the kids, and I've really enjoyed having her with us :)


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