You Are My Sunshine

Gah. This girl. She can be a delight,
and then in the next breath, she can be a crazy woman. We love her beyond words. 
The outfit she's wearing was mine when I was a wee babe. I LOVE her in bonnets. I never thought I'd feel that way because they're so old fashioned, but she was so cute in it. I must find more. Plus, she couldn't rip it off like she does with every. single. headband. I put on her head. 
This boy is a ray of sunshine, and then two seconds later he's a blubbering emotional mess. Ah, the toddler years. We adore him. 


  1. You are wearing this same outfit in your six-month picture!!!! Look at it on the hall wall the next time you are here. They are both rays of sunshine. Love you.


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