New Twist on Nails

About a week ago, I was scanning my
Facebook feed, when I saw a contest for Jamberry. Jamberry is a company that produces nail wraps, and I've been wanting to try them for a long time.
I entered, and with the help of The Bestie, I won (and so did she!) a half sheet of Jamberry nail wraps. The gal we won from has no idea I'm writing this post, but I may send her the link in case she's interested in my opinion, haha!
They arrived in the mail a few days ago (I didn't get to choose the design), and today, I decided to give them a go. 
Here's my old polish. 
That I did myself. 
Because who has $40 to plop down on a pedicure?  
Not me. 
But, y'all, as soon as The Husband gets a new job, I'm treating myself to one, because I HATE messing with feet. Especially mine. They're not attractive feet, so I apologize ahead of time for all of the foot photos you're about to see. Ugh. Please look beyond the foot to the pretty wraps instead. Thank you. 
I went to my parents' house and borrowed all the necessary supplies from my mom (cuticle pusher, file, cuticle scissors) that I didn't have on hand. 
While I was there, I removed my old polish. 
Once I got the kiddos down for afternoon naps, I started. 
Here's the half sheet. It doesn't look like a lot, but I guess I have small nail beds because it was PLENTY. 
Here's my "work station."
I followed the directions (I could have watched a video online, but I was way too lazy for that. Plus, nap time is a precious time, not to be wasted. Can I get an "Amen!"?
This foot took me about 25 minutes, mostly because of the cutting/trimming to get the wraps the right size and because I was learning as I went. 
Here's how much I was left with after BOTH feet! I could probably do this process again at least a couple more times. Can you imagine how many times you could do this (or your fingernails) if you had a whole sheet? I even thought about only doing every other toe, and then painting the others for a cute look. 
Voila! Here they are, approximately 40 minutes after I began. 
They say these wraps should last a lot longer than a pedicure with polish. I guess we'll see because I am hard on my toenails. I go barefoot or wear flip-flops much of the day, and I have small children who like to stomp/step/stand on my feet often. 
I know the picture is blurry, but I think they look pretty. Have you tried them? What was your experience like? How long did they actually last?


  1. Looking very cute!!! Good to know there is an option to nail polish. Love you.

  2. My sister sold them for a while. Several friends do, as well. I do like using them on my toes (they held up great in the pool teaching 3 water aerobics classes/week. I think i wore the same set for a month before they finally started slipping and I removed them). However, the one time I tried them on my fingers, I realized that they are just like other fake nails in that, since they cover the whole nail, the nail softens, which means your fingers suffer the same "damage" as they do with acrylics, etc... The nail just isn't as sturdy after being covered up. Sure, they're "better" for your nails, and probably "breathe" more than other methods, but my nails all cracked and broke below the quick after I took them off. And I only wore those for about two weeks (in and out of the pool, yes). It took months for the broken areas to grow all the way out, and for my nails to stop breaking every time they had to flex or bend. You don't realize how often you use your fingernails for things until that happens! My sister changed hers every week for months and didn't have any issues- until she stopped wearing them. My mom did the French manicure set for a week or so and also had the same issue. So... while they're longer lasting (and great for toes!), it seems that fingers will suffer the same fate regardless of what method of doing one's nails is utilized.


    1. I didn't even think about that. I've only had fake nails once (my wedding), but I don't remember having any issues. I very rarely do anything to my fingernails, but I do like the idea of them for my toes.

    2. Same here. I rarely do anything to my fingers. I once worked at a spa and the dress code required (very clearly specified) neat fingernails, preferably painted. Well, you know how frequently polish chips. I ended up doing my nails weekly and really ruined the heck out of them. Dried them out horribly and spent months trying to help them heal. Never again. Plus, we did a lot of towel-folding, which didn't help, that also dried them out. Then years of waitressing (entering orders by tapping digital buttons on a computer screen) and cleaning houses for a living, really took their toll. I didn't have pretty nails until I quit doing those types of jobs.



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