First Road Trip

I'm tired. 
My spirit is worn out. 
I've cried more today than I have in a long time. 
I'm not going to go into the details, but I will say my faith (which was already on rocky ground) has been shaken. And, I'm angry and disappointed and sad. The emotions have grabbed hold of me, and I'm tired of fighting them off.
I won't ask you to pray for me; though I know some of you will because it's in your nature to do so. 


This afternoon we set off on a short trip that had been planned for a while. Nothing big. Just spending time with family and seeing a friend or two while we're in town. No big adventures. No trips to the zoo (I do so hope we make it to the zoo one day with the kids. It's one of my favorite places to go, and it bums me out that we don't have one anywhere around us.). 

This is our first "trip" with both kids. We left at nap time with the intention that they'd sleep most of the way. 
Then traffic came to a stand-still because of a non-accident. The loss of movement  caused Ella to wake. Lots less fun. Her cries woke Jack. Another reminder that they're not ready to share a room. I prefer that at least one of my children get some sleep :/

We're almost there. I think. Crossing my fingers. And toes. 

I'm hoping this weekend offers lots of relaxation and laughter. 

Both of which I need fiercely. 


  1. Praying that this will ring true to you. That you will find refreshing water in the desert. That God will reward your faithfulness in prayer. That you will look back on this time and tell your children of the goodness and provision of the Lord. That doors will be opened. That you will take steps in faith. That your strength will be renewed. That you will remember that God is good ALL the time. That you will draw closer as a couple as you seek God's path for your family. Praying for you, praying WITH you.

    "even still, it is well with my soul "

    "It was also the process by which He resurrected the dry bones of my life amid the scarcity of faith and trust, and the clutter of so much noise and self-doubt. It was the journey by which God reignited my joy in, and reliance on, prayer."

    1. To the person who wrote the above,
      thank you. I will take to heart what you wrote, and I will read the article you attached. Your words brought a measure of peace, and I am grateful.

  2. We continue to ask for peace and comfort for you and Spencer. We pray that you are finding strength in God's love for you and the knowledge that He only wants the best for you. Please try to enjoy your children's happiness in being with family members they see only rarely. And, we hope y'all find refreshment in your souls when you worship at NW tomorrow. We love you.


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