Two Things Tuesday (11/19)

1.  Jack has had two firsts happen in the last week. He started belly laughing, and he started blowing raspberries. Both are adorable. 

2.  Possible TMI alert...
I have heard that some babies have side-preferences when it comes to nursing. I don't know that I actually ever thought Jack would be one of those babies because he was such a good nurser regardless of side.  However, last week, he started refusing nursing when I'd go to change sides but would act like he was still hungry later on. At first I got really frustrated because I didn't want it to become a "thing" and then start to affect my supply. Next, I gave in and didn't try to force him to eat. Then, I started looking back over the schedules I write down every day (wake, nurse, nap, repeat) and thought maybe I noticed a pattern. Sure enough, it seemed like on the times where I started him on the right and switched to the left, there was little to no trouble. The times I started on the left and tried to switch to the right? No deal. Conclusion? He must like the left better, haha! So, now, I start him on the right and switch to the left every single time.  Problem (besides the fact that he's super curious and would rather look around, which results in us having to finish 50% of the feedings on the floor in a dark room) solved
For now. 
Tomorrow I'm sure it will be something new :)


  1. Well, I wonder where little Jack Campbell gets that "stubborn streak???" LOL And,, yes, the chuckling and raspberries are just too cute!! There is nothing sweeter than a baby laughing. He is definitely a very contented little boy. Love you.


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