Thankful Thursday (11/7)

Oh Thankful Thursday. 

I should be able to write this with ease, but I'm struggling. 

I do have many things to be thankful for. 

But, today has been a roller coaster of emotions.  Mostly those horrible dropping ones that leave your tummy in your throat. 

First, I've been dealing with insurance-for-Jack issues all day. I nearly cried each time I called to figure out what the heck was going on. I had to cancel a well-baby visit for him because I don't have proof of insurance. I still don't have any answers. No one returned my calls. 

Next on the list, we were told yesterday that we had a potential buyer. Today, tonight actually, we were told they decided to back out. Again. 
"Again?," you say?  Yes.  You see, this same couple has now done this twice.  

Then, last night, after 13 straight nights (last time it was 12) of sleeping through the night (with a dreamfeed anywhere from 10 pm to 11pm), Jack woke up at least 5 times between 2 and 7. I think the weather change did it. Twice I went in there, and fixing his blanket was all he needed. I didn't have to nurse him any of the times he woke up, but the fact that I've basically been up since 2 this morning has had me on edge the majority of the day. 

Add to those things the fact that Jack refused (by screaming and turning his head to look anywhere besides where he needed to) nursing several times today, and you have one cranky lady. 

So tired.

So frustrated. 

So ready for some good news. 

Ok, I'm thinking thinking. 

Today, I'm thankful that I get to be Jack's mother. That I get to be The Husband's wife. That I get to be my parents' child. That I get to see and be with them all every day. That I get to see both my sister and my best friend often. That I get to stay in touch with my friends and family who we no longer live near.  

Today, I'm thankful for relationships. They are so important for my sanity. 

That and ice cream. 

I'm also thankful for ice cream. 

**I'll be even more thankful when it thaws enough for me to scoop it out.**


  1. Sweetheart, we know this week has been hard; but we also know that God has the master plan and everything will work out for the good! You know that, too; but like all of us, you sometimes are overwhelmed and forget. We're here - we love you!


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