Thankful Thursday (11/21)

Today, I'm thankful for the creativity and helpfulness of others.  

After discussing menu items for Thanksgiving with my sister a few weeks ago, she asked me to make and bring Oreo Balls. I have eaten them many times at gatherings, but I have never fixed them before.  The ones I've had were super yummy, but I didn't know what all went in to making them. 

I wanted to be sure they would turn out ok ahead of time, and I decided that I might as well try making a batch this morning while Jack slept. So, I checked out some recipes on Pinterest. I chose this one, if you're interested. 

I said a quick prayer that Jack wouldn't wake up early and proceeded to gather together all of my ingredients and supplies. 

(The rolling pin did not work--for me--so I brought out the meat tenderizer!)

(This was my least favorite part--I did not enjoy mixing up the ingredients with my hands!)

(I never could get the almond bark to the liquidy consistency that the recipe called for. It was smooth but it didn't just drip off the spoon.)

So, here are the finished ones. They aren't nearly as pretty and smooth as hers turned out to be, but I'm blaming it on the humidity :)

So now, I wait to see if people enjoy them. If they're gone by the weekend, I'll know they were a hit! 

Thank goodness for people who write down instructions, take pictures as they go, and post everything on Pinterest for those of us who lack the knowledge and skills needed for baking/cooking/creativity-in-general.


  1. The Oreo balls taste great!! We'll enjoy eating this "practice batch!!" Love you.


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