A Day Later

So yesterday was Friday, and I would have done a "five facts Friday" post except I only had two things to share. So here are a few things that happened yesterday. 

I went grocery shopping at the local "everything" store, and as I was looking for refried beans to restock the pantry, I noticed something odd. Can we say, "one of these things is not like the others?" 
Actually, two of those things, haha, but still. Apple and cherry pie filling don't quite seem to fit with Mexican food items...

Also, yesterday was our "exploration day" on our summer weekly learning activity schedule, and while we were playing on the porch, I found this little guy.
He's currently residing on our kitchen table, so that he doesn't kill my marigold plants with his voracious appetite! He seems to be thriving according to the many, many deposits he's left at the bottom of the jar. Ew. 


  1. Sure hope your caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly! Love you.

    1. Unfortunately, I think it will become a moth :/


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