Monday Musings (3/14)

We waste words. 
Do you agree with the above quote? I do. And I'm just as guilty as the next person in overusing words or using them inappropriately. I say something the kids did is "awesome" far more than is needed. I need to stop because when I talk to them about the awesomeness of God, I'm afraid they'll think He's just as neat as Jack jumping high or Ella drawing something on the porch. Neither is awesome. Both are wonderful (to their mommy!), and both are exciting to witness, but neither are awe-inspiring. So I'm going to work on eliminating that word from my everyday vocabulary unless I'm actually talking about something that inspires awe. There are other words I overuse, too, so as they're brought to my attention I will do my best to not use them as much or to substitute more appropriate words in their place.
The following two poems are from a book of poetry (Hello Sunshine, Good Night Moonlight) I read with the kids. 

Words have meaning. They have voice. They create pictures in our minds. 
Words are powerful. 


  1. Yes, dear, words are very powerful; and you use yours to educate, entertain and intrigue all your readers. You have a written voice that has been exciting to see blossom and grow. Love you.


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